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  1. God Control Medellin Come Alive I Don't Search, I Find Crazy
  2. Hope it gets added to her YouTube Channel
  3. Maybe the "Crave" video will be released on 5/24. The "Medellin" video was released on 4/24.
  4. Weren't Guy and Madonna married at the time she signed the 10 year deal with Live Nations? It is his responsibility as the adult to encourage their Son (who is a minor) to workout an agreement while she working under an agreed contract...and not allow him to cut off contact.
  5. I am attending. My 3rd Madonna concert in PHX (Confessions and MDNA).
  6. Saw her in Vegas for the Sticky and Sweet Tour on 11/8/08. I thought the crowd was very engaged in the concert.
  7. I'm going! Very anxious for the work day to end!
  8. The SuperDeluxe format is not listed on the official US Universal/Interscope reslease sheet for 3-10-15. BUT.....maybe it may be sold @ ONE mass merchant chain store in lieu of the Deluxe format.
  9. The official Universal music group release sheet for 3/10/15 for the U.S. A Super Deluxe format is not listed.
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