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  1. Oh my..actually quite disappointed in her 'performance' of the two songs that are in my upper tier of all time fav. M songs being sung acoustically w/ her just sitting there (True Blue and WTG) :?? Looked like an old episode of MTV Unplugged lol. The fact she removed them from her blacklist after 25+ years and knows they're songs fans were dying to here, how/why didn't she come up w/ semi something better. At least 'some' kind of actual performance that kinda sorta featured their original beats or at least an uptempo backing track. Almost like she said/thought you want these damn songs, you're getting them half assed. lol I have my head gear on so am ready for the stoning for stating my opinion that I didn't care at all for her take on those classics. :(

    I don't mind stripped down but will agree that I wish one of the two had been done with some backing (and somewhat close to the original). Although I now want to try "Who's That Girl" on my acoustic guitar after hearing it this way, haha

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