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  1. It's worst than you we can tell.

    Right wing extremist, populist with no education, afraid of everything that is different and they only love one thing: their big car.

    Wow, this sounds like parts of America, haha. I had no idea Quebec City was like this.

    Well, this concert is definitely geared toward pleasing fans and engaging them, so let's see how it goes down in a city that wasn't so responsive before. Consider it a litmus test!! haha.

    I hope every major fan that is going has a well deserved great time! Let the SUV car folk DEAL, haha

  2. I know some people don't like the production... IMO, I actually don't mind where the production is trying to go (60's rocky surfer vibe... or like "Hey Mickey" from the 80's but that was actually a remake of an earlier song).

    I think it's the lyrics & Madonna's high vocal delivery here I don't like.

    Sometimes I hear the song and bust a move... other times it's like skip! haha

    Oh and I love that Jackie Collins tweeted about the song in August. I love random stuff like that. Rest in peace, Jackie.

  3. I now think it could be a blessing in disguise that Madonna did not bring the last tours to Australia. Although I was devastated and they were brilliant amazing tours, I know that this very tour is going to touch everyone so deeply. Every time I watch footage of this tour, the crowd reaction and love is over-whelming. Can't wait to see it live.

    Yes,I think this is a good show if she's returning after such a long break. A show to be intimate with the fans... plus there is still lots of Madonna spicy moments!! It's a good mix.

  4. This song is what happens when you try/set out to write a lark of a song, as opposed to her other larky songs she barely spent anytime on writing according to her (but ended up being some of her biggest hits). This is what it felt to me at least, trying hard to be something.

    Not trying to totally bash it, it's an ok tune. It's just a strange song to be first single in my opinion. The video is stunning though.

  5. I still feel like this should be a video interlude for one of her future tours. Maybe for the never gonna happen Greatest Hits Tour.

    Nas could very well show up for a date of the show and she could perform this song. I am hopeful she will be throwing in some new songs along the way of this tour, and artists showing up could be a good reason to.

    Oh, and this video has brought this song back to the tracks I have to throw on from the album (I had it on pause for a while). Thank you!

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