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  1. Yes I was at second night of Reinvention in Toronto as well... it was crazy! Right before the show people were losing their minds calling for her.... I had a blast at S&S from where I was, and so were the people around me, but I don't know how the rest of the crowd was that night (it seemed pretty lively). And MDNA was completely dead, haha.

    At least in this show she is trying to get the crowd on the go. I will definitely be singing and dancing along!

  2. Where da fuq are the boxscores? Dying to know!

    Oh and as for other female artists... I definitely love a lot of other ones both huge and indie (but Madonna is definitely #1 and I will defend her to the death, haha). It's just in the case of Taylor, I really do not get why she is SOOO massive. I mean, yes, she is cute and has ok songs, but so many artists are cute and have catchy songs.

    I just do not understand how she sells millions in age where so few do. I do not know one person in my life who is a big fan of her. That's not to say others aren't big fans. To me she is someone that so DOESN'T elicit super-fandom in the way an artist like Madonna does (addicitivity, being interesting, different facets). To me, she is beige. Congrats on her success and to whoever it is stanning for her, haha.

    Sorry to get off topic. Anyway, can't wait to see some figures for RHT!

  3. MDNA apparently also ended up with her vocals pitch higher... did you guys ever discuss that here? I downloaded from someone a while ago a pitch corrected version... I don't even know if her vocals were truly pitched higher, do you guys think they were? They are awfully high, haha. I definitely like TUTR lower (the version I have of "Love Spent" as well - even when she did it live, she had to sing the damn thing lower, haha). Here is a video showing examples (again, you guys may have discussed this).

    It's definitely one of the cons with MDNA IMO. Her vocals sound more natural on RH. Both albums have mixing issues though.

  4. It definitely feels like she put a lot more effort into RH, from the songwriting to amount of versions, etc. Not that she didn't put any effort at all into MDNA, but RH feels like there is a lot more going on.... and just the sheer amount of songs (even ones that didn't make the cut).

  5. Woman next to me is a bonafide LOON and I love her. She's 60ish, telling her friends about the Erotica era as though she was in the trenches in World War II. "No one in the office could stand her. I tried telling them 'the record's good, it's really good.' I mean, Rain for God's sake. Then the bitches all loved her again when Take A Bow came out. But the girls in my office are like that."


    Amazing, haha. She knows what's good (Erotica).

  6. And still some people think that the album is her worst and full of fillers hahaha. Which fillers???? The wonderful Over and Over??? The dramatic and exhilarating LDLHA???? The sweet Shoo Bee Doo, written by Madonna all by herself??? The magical Stay??? The trendy Pretender,?? That album crafted pop music. It was a pivotal moment and its influence has been bigger than Thriller for example

    And Angel is the gem that only we, really hard fans, know and appreciate.

    Well to be honest, I don't think a lot of fans on here who put the album at the botton of a ranking mean to say the album is "bad" (at least for myself). It's just that the woman has SO much good music, something has to be at the bottom of a ranking. And maybe it shouldn't be LAV, but somehow the album seems to get the pick for a lot of people.

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