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  1. Not the "I'm breathless is a studio album" none sense again! It is not people!

    It's a full album of new Madonna tracks... yes, I know it isn't considered one of her official studio albums, but it's also not even the official soundtrack to the movie. I always count it whenever ranking Madonna albums, because I've always loved it so much.

  2. I think ROL should definitely be in everyone's list tbh

    It is an amazing album... but strangely, I barely listen to it. So in a topic where you only pick three and live without the rest, I could live without it... which is a bit sacrilegious, haha, but is what it is.

  3. Madonna - 80's epic songs and where it all began

    Erotica - I could never live without my all time fave Madonna album and it always reminds of the 90's

    Good lord... what else to choose if I only had one more choice?!

    Rebel Heart - love just HOW many songs are on the album, and soooo much good material that represents her viewpoint in a later part of her career

  4. Wow, your pics are AMAZING, gemini! My pics did not turn out well, and I was desperately trying to get a few whenever she came to the heart. But I also didn't want to spend too much time doing that - I just wanted to stand near her transfixed and sing along to those amazing songs.

  5. Confessions is sonic gorgeousness... and that performance of it on the tour, my GOD... so of course that's my choice.

    BUT I do love the Bedtime Stories version, so sexy, love it was another song with Babyface, and that it showed up on the amazing compilation, "Something to Remember"

  6. Yeah she was so effing funny for the UB moment... she had me in hysterics for so many moments... i think one her dancers missed when she threw back the instrument or whatever it was and she asked the crowd whether he should live or die??? haha So then she asked the crowd to pick between the two. A lot of people cheered when she asked if he should die (lol) but of course we all cheered the loudest when she asked if he should live. And she was like, "good, he needs to do the rest of the show", haha

  7. I'm still in a glow today... I'm so happy I went. I nearly didn't, but knew I would make the decision last minute, haha.

    I love that she tweeted 2nd night was even better, haha. I think two nights is good for people to get their bearings and start to get more in a party mood as the week progresses. There was a lot mania in the air when I first got to the arena. I knew Toronto had it in them... I was starting to worry about this city, haha.

  8. Wow are you guys on the left side? There is a guy with a cone bra that Madonna took notice. I was there at that side too!

    Right side.. lots of crazy people there... someone got carted out with a lot of security around him as i was shuffling near the heart on the right side, lol. It was the complete concert experience, haha

  9. Did you think those tickets next to the mixing desk were much closer than on the map? I thought I was going to be further back but I was like 5 rows from the heart or something. Well in front of the mixing desk area.

    I was slightly stupefied when i located my seat.. i bought next to the mixing area but was well ahead of it.... and then everyone in my row just ran to the heart when Queendonnna came to it, and off i went... i was singing so loud.... i think i nearly lost it for 'Heartbreak City / Love Don't Live here Anymore"... so conceptual, so emotional.... my GOD!

  10. It was my first concert alone, saw her already last night, with friends, bad seat. I am shy, I don't even post here but I'm lurking since 2004 or something, but tonight I went alone and had the best time of life! She changed me!!! I feel like a new happy person! I ended up 2 rows before her, I can die now or spread the happiness :)

    I was alone too... sometimes that's the best to zone in on the Queen and just have those moments! She'll take you there!

  11. Wow, alls i have to say is my mind is officially blown from the show... somehow i ended up right by the heart for parts and was singing my heart out for the whole damn show.... she looked and sounded amazing.... Jesus Madonna Christ, it was awesome! I think most of the arena felt it and i definitely made sure to add my voice... and i screamed "Monty!" at one point and I swear he tilted his head in acknowledgement, haha... plus i saw Guy right before the show and caught eyes with him and gave him a smile but I didn't want to look like i was fawning, haha... anyway, seriously one of the best nights of my life!!!

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