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  1. Dick Tracey/Blonde Ambition era (curls) tied with DITA


    And of course the first album and Like a Virgin eras are ICONIC as fuck!

    Yes, it's impossible to pick one because she also looks so lovely and fresh all through the Rebel Heart era and the FABULOUS tour


  2. The song is very unique, and I love that she sampled those words in the beginning.

    The mix is.... ok... it does lend a certain mood to the video, but definitely wrecks everthing the original song is going for. Hell, it's not even one of her best mixes. And I wish they had used more of the vocals from the song (i.e. the verses). Some fan made a version of the mix with more vocals and I liked it. But the video is still amazing.

    Anyway, the song is yet another great perspective from the Queen of Pop.

  3. I like the demo better but I get why she might've opted for the album version, what with the demo being so reminiscent of Army Of Me. Not sure if the GP would get it as a homage and call it a rip-off instead.

    To be honest, now that you mention it, the album version's production reminds me even more of "Army of Me" though.

    Regardless, I don't think the GP is too bothered, haha.

  4. Both are incredible. The whole album is one of the best debuts ever. So it's hard to pick.

    I remember not liking "Borderline" so much when I first heard it many years ago (I really got into Madonna in the 90's) but once it did kick in, I realized the levels and pure genius of the song. And the video. And the soulfulness of the backup vocals. I also ADORE "Burning Up" but my vote goes to "Borderline"

  5. That looped audience is also on the live album, it's so annoying, makes it unlistenable for me. There just isn't a constant whooping and cheering at any concert?!?

    I still don't actually own MDNA on DVD, I've streamed it once. beside the horrendous artwork, It's badly edited to the point of being unwatchable, and the filters look seriously amateur. The Confessions Tour DVD however is perfection! She just needs to repeat that!

    Let's just hope it isn't Madonna left by herself to finish editing the show for DVD again like last time, haha (as people expressed earlier in this topic). The sound editing/mixing especially is a mess, plus the filters, and should be completed by someone who knows how to do post-production.

    There are plenty of people in New York they can hire, even a student could do a better job than what was outputted. Not that it's completely unwatchable for me, I still like to watch my fave moments. But certain moments I don't ever watch again.

    Anyway, I CANNOT wait to see RHT it it's finality aired somewhere (fingers crossed) and then to have the DVD (fingers crossed). Keep it as natural to the show as possible hopefully... this show in particular doesn't need crazy hectic editing, or overdone post-production.

  6. Not fair to totally shit on Toronto... the crowd seemed really good the second night. Although the crowds here do seem to be getting more walking dead in general, haha.

    Anyway, sometimes it's just the night.

    Normally I don't care about the crowd at most shows (usually at clubs and music halls or whatever you call them). But at an arena I notice it more. But still, I just have my own good time if I'm enjoying the show.

  7. Out of all the stars I'm most impressed by the guy from the Eagles. I love how members of incredibly respected male rock bands have given respect to M this year, first the Led Zep guy wishing her a happy bday and posting the Justify Whole Lotta mashup, and now this Eagles guy attending the tour. I think this is the first time members of classic rock bands (apart from U2) have attended one of her tours?

    (tho the Eagles guy did sound a little bizarre in that tmz clip)

    Oh wow, didn't realize one of the guys from the Eagles was there. Love me some of that era of music, and very cool they show some love for Madonna!

  8. Ashton Kutcher never moved all night long. Every time I looked back he looked exactly how he does in the picture, just straight faced and just there.

    I can't stand people like this at shows... especially pop shows with beats and upbeat performances. And it's usually tall straight men and I am always stuck behind them wondering why they are so damn close to the stage and I have to crane around their statue figure while I'm trying to have fun, lol.

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