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  1. As William Orbit described half of the tracks on MDNA, I'll add "Hey You" to that descriptive: Puerile

    Not that "Hey You" is "trivial" per se, but it sounds childish and like a nursery rhyme the way she sings it so high. This is why I want her to kick it down a notch when she sings these days for certain songs!

  2. As much as I would love a nice serious beautiful ballad-y style song from her this time around as the lead single, I don't think it's going to happen, I think we are getting "yasss bitch I'm Madonna pop bottles at da club" which could still very well be fun if done in the right way I suppose, lol.....

    I think it would be cool to get a "Something to Remember part 2" album in the future if she really gets in the mood to finally release that single as the lead single. THEN she could feature on the album some of these beautiful songs you guys are mentioning from the late 90's/2000's that the world didn't get to hear as much or focus on, plus tack on some songs she missed on the first compilation album like "The Look of Love" and any other rare gems.

    A boy can dream, haha.

  3. I don't know why she is caring about charts anymore with a club banger.... something ethereal, beautiful and serious is what she needs to throw at the word as her big first new single next... and sure, it could be "ballad-y" if that is what seems to be more popular now.

    Like everybody keeps saying, it isn't like radio is going to play her big banger tune anyway that would probably be better suited to an "Ariana Grande" type artist.

    Come on Madonna, let the work speak for itself and you never know, it could still be a big hit for her, sell the same amount of digital singles anyway because you know the fans will buy it, stream it, etc. What they are "banking on" isn't going to be much different no matter what she releases, but her credibility will be a lot higher with something more serious this time around.

  4. This is why I hope she picks a more serious, beautiful tune as her first single, but make a buzzworthy video. I am sure she can get a top 40, but let momentum take it higher if it is bound to happen. Radio is not to be depended on.

    I'd rather a beautiful single/video than some forgotten top ten. I mean, yes, top ten is nice but who cares when it was a song like "Give me all your lovin" lol

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