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  1. It was definitely fun to experience live... not every part translates after the fact (well the hair and clothes at least, haha).

    I think I like the 'Give it 2 Me' mashed into 'Celebration' better on the MDNA tour, but this "Give it 2 Me" is obviously a blast!

    Great way to end a show.

  2. Still listen to Debut after all these years. It was very progressive at the time of release and still very strong after all these years (in my humble opinion).

    Yes I agree, "Debut" is as fresh as ever. And lest we forget, it was producer Nellee Hooper largely behind "'Debut" that got Madonna working with him. His beats sound as fresh on "Debut" as they do on "Bedtime Story".

    Would love "Erotica" to be there but ROL is always gonna be on these kind of lists.

  3. I've watched the Celebration DVD on a HD television screen and still don't understand what is wrong with the picture quality.


    It's grainy in quality... at least on my TV. it doesn't look like any other DVD I own, lol. I was kind of pissed after spending my hard earned dollars and it's not even DVD quality image.

    Luckily if i sit back far enough from the TV, the graininess is not as apparent. AND the sound quality for the videos is stunning.

  4. oh my god just looked back on the thread saw mentions of Borrowed Time being rehearsed... LOVE that song! And of course JOA would be amazing (thought it should have been in the tour since the get go), and classics like ROL and I'll Remember.... wow! hope this is true!

  5. She will probably perform Ghosttown as a tribute to Paris victims and universal love.

    This could come off as slightly innapropriate IMO (not to be the PC police here though). I look forward to her words/songs no matter what - Madonna can help the world heal!

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