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  1. This album is ridiculously good. US fans are getting completely spoiled this time around. I love all the finished tweaked demos. Can't stop listening to "vvv" "s.e.x" "messiah".

    I'm having a hard time with "waom" I think it's brilliant how they stripped it down, however ...what instrument is making that strange muffled train track sound @ the 45 second mark? It's distracting. I'm hoping someone can explain it or the the use of it and why it's there so I can start appreciating that section of the track.

    I adore WAOM as a ballad.... I know what you are saying about that little beat that kicks in... it seems weird at first but definitely works as it buillds into the marching drum... especially the second time it kicks in the next verse... the song is glorious both as ballad and dance track

  2. Random question. Is Best Night fast/uptempo, or is it more languid like Don't Stop or I'd Rather Be Your Lover? Does it have a good melody and/or hook? Which is faster: Best Night or Hold Tight?

    Best Night is pure gorgeousness and sexiness in it's groovy mid-tempo, excellent melody and then hook and the "wanting, waiting, for you" part is she speaks in the midst of the lyrics later in the song makes me so happy!!

  3. I will cry if Ghosttown isn't the 2nd single. In my dreams, she will make a $10 million dollar video. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

    Yeah, I might cry too, haha. The world NEEDS to hear this song. And hell, the video doesn't even need to be that expensive anymore. So many of my favorite artists these days are smaller acts who make really, really awesome videos. They don't even have the budget that Madonna has with her latest videos. Post production can do so much these days that used to cost so much more to film (take a video like 'Bedtime Story' for example) and a concept where she is performing a simple storyline would be nice. I know she doesn't want to act anymore, but even a concept like 'Power of Good-bye' where she is interacting with a man and then something unfolds is pretty damn easy. She hasn't done this is so freaking long. :-(

  4. So am I really the only (gay in the village) who actually reeeeaaaally prefers the new and glorious WAOM & RH?! The are now soooo good and not those horrible 2012 generic edm crap... (sorry for those who like those, but yeah... heard that production a thousand times..) Over all the album is just soooo brilliant! Nothing generic and "following trends stuff"... So beautiful songwriting, melodies, harmonies and really brilliant production!

    Yes, I LOVE the new versions of RH and WAOM

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