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  1. MVP stands for "most valuable player"... usually an award given in sports to the person most valuable to the team for various reasons (success, winning, scoring).

    In this case, it's the song most valuable to the album, or your favorite I guess. But I look at it as not just because it's your favorite, it's the song the album could not do without because it means so much. Which is why I picked "Joan of Arc" :-)

    Please add anything if I am wrong here :-)

  2. Top three songs: Joan of Arc, Hold Tight, Ghosttown

    Song that grew on you: Holy Water

    Song that faded for you: Devil Pray

    Best Lyrics: Wash All Over Me

    Best Vocal: Messiah

    Best Melody: HeartbreakCity

    Best Chorus: Inside Out

    Most Fun To Play Loud: Bitch I'm Madonna

    Most Overrated Song: Living For Love (overrated by the fans... still like it, though)

    Most Underrated Song: Body Shop

    MVP Track: Joan of Arc

    Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Best Night

    Most Groundbreaking: Body Shop

  3. Not my favourite Christmas rendition if you ask me. I'm glad she never did others after this one :electropop:

    It's not like she'd sing every Christmas song like Nikki Finn, haha. tumblr_mtj2wnQpBX1rxml8no8_250.gif

    I'd love to hear more from her, TBH. Not sure if she needs to do a Christmas album though. That seems pretty last resort or nothing-else-to-do kind of move for a lot of artists. Maybe someday though, something.

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