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  1. It kinda sounds like an Eurovision song lol


    lol, it does...

    I like it, but don't love it.

    I wouldn't mind the vocal take used for the final version (plus demo 2 I believe) to be placed on the original leaked version (whatever demo number that is called)... can one of the splicing peeps on here give that whirl. I think I'd like it even better then.

  2. I periodically have those lyrics running through my head, haha.

    The song is such a bop. And the MDNA tour version really had the crowd on their feet the night I attended, sadly GI2M wasn't included yet, but the performance with and without GI2M added is really energetic and fun, just like the song.

  3. She really should have done a second ballad collection as long as album did sell, now it would be pointless. But i would love it anyway.

    I don't think it would be pointless... it would be a great way to fulfill her contract with a compilation record, not as much pressure for sales with comp albums anyway, and she has some lovely ballads post the last "Something to Remember".

    Not sure how it works when she is on a new label since some of the songs I would like on a compilation are under Warner, but post Warner, i think it's a great opportunity to remind the world of the amazing ballads on MDNA, and to put on mixed/mastered version of demos like "Joan of Arc" from RH, B-sides, and album versions of course.

    It would be so awesome!

  4. Not sure if anyone has seen this but it made me laugh its basically what it would sound like in real life without the music some jokes are pretty good....CHris Rocks voice lol https://youtu.be/X579raKjc7Y

    Hopefully i posted link ok its my first time

    OMG, this is hilarious!! hahah

    And yes "Hung Up" surpassed GMAYL recently... It is at 62.5 million and climbs faster than GMAYL.

    But GMAYL is highest in Vevo currently.

  5. When I was 14, my friend and I bought Madonna posters at the mall and paraded around the entire mall, holding them up in the air. It was like our own little gay pride parade back in '92. :lol:

    That is so awesome, seeing someone walking around with a Madonna poster in the air would have put the biggest smile on my face.

    I feel a similar way today when I wear my Madonna shirts in public (on the metro especially). I feel like a lot of people really stare at the shirts (hello, how can you not be transfixed by her image) and it's my own little way of reminding people about this amazing woman. It's also like a form of "guerrilla promo", haha.

    I like to DJ from time to time as well, or just play music at parties, and her music is ALWAYS played in the mix when I have control.

    So these aren't that crazy of examples, but I do remember in the 90's I scribbled the "Poor is the man whose pleasure depends..." lyric on a five dollar bill and slipped it to a cashier so it got put out there, lol.

    I guess I am just crazily obsessed with this woman. :laugh:

  6. I'll have to say Living For Love, and its only because, and I know I am going to get a lot of backlash for saying this, but it's only because she doesn't have those damn grillz on therefore we can actually appreciate how hot she looks this era without it looking like she's missing teeth or they are all 5 cm wide away from each other every time she opens her mouth

    That is a good point, no backlash from me :-)

    I also remember feeling a moment of relief when she left them off at the Met Gala in that really cool "Rebel Heart" dress. I don't totally hate the idea of them, but she wears them WAY too much (definitely not needed in 'Ghosttown'). Anyway, that is for a different topic. :-)

    Her videos this era have blown my mind!

  7. It's those teenage fans who have all the time in the world to make something out of nothing. The Bad Blood video is terrible. I hate it and I say it as someone who likes Toilet Seat. It's her worst single

    True about the fans... but honestly, what was bothering me even more was the articles written by "journalists" who you would think could research just a tad.

    Anyway, it's nice to see articles such as the one above pointing out the history of her videos, and the fact that there was even more cameos than what was listed, from models to actors, etc.

    What an amazing set of videos this woman has! :laugh:

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