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  1. I swear, they never ask this question about guys - who is the "King of Pop" (Michael is never disputed) or the King of Rock N' Roll (Elvis is forever the King)... but that damn "Queen of Pop" debate is always raging. I suppose it's because Madonna has taught so many an amazing formula...

    But she is the UNDISPUTED Queen!

  2. Yeah.. for me Hold Tight is the worst. Don't even get me started on the vinyl mastering! I don't even think it was mastered at all! Just the tracks dumped onto records.

    My CD copy sounds good though, besides the issues you guys already pointed out that are apparent on all releases. I also think Madonna worked heavily on the album's production herself? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember her saying she was holed up in the studio immediately after the leaks in December, polishing the first 6 tracks for rush release. But to me, the first 6 sounds the best! Clean vocals, no distortion, and they all seamlessly flow. Maybe if she had one person working on the album continuously, the final product would have been cleaner.

    I do feel like I'm nit picking because through and through it is still a very good record and I feel as though she did give it her all and worked on it as much as she possibly could given time constraints, leaks, etc.

    I think it's really cool that Madonna is having more of a hand in finalizing her records... she just needs a crash course in mixing and sound, haha. Didn't she also finish the MDNA tour DVD? She just needs to realize how it's going to sound on different systems and sources.

  3. I can handle the distorted drums on "Voices" though I always prefer less distortion on drums.

    It doesn't work on Rebel Heart the song, but thankfully on demo version #2, which is pretty much the final track, the drums are less distorted, so I use that version now. Because I really like the arrangement and vocal take for that version (not to get into that topic again, lol)

  4. I once tweeted that Demo guy to ask what the heck happened when mixing the album. No response, but I suppose my tweet did seem shady, lol. He deserved the question though.

    The mixing issues I find most problematic are the fuzzy part of "Messiah", fuzziness later in WAOM (and the song is lower in volume), Borrowed Time in general sounds staticy or something, the distorted drums on UB (not sure if it is intentional but they sound like this to me and I don't like it), overly-distored drums on 'Rebel Heart' song, mixing of her voice on L4L and certain other songs, quietness of Hold Tight...

    Most of these issues aren't as obvious when i play the album on my computer speakers (and adjust volume accordingly on songs), but they are VERy obvious on my living room system and in the car.

    I find this to be the worst mixed album of all of her albums, though the material is obviously good and I have zero issues with some other tracks.

  5. YES, Karbs. This.

    I must have rewound and paused on that scene where M crawls up on him during "Human Nature" a thousand times :dramatic:

    His name is Jull Weber. MTribe did an interview with him ages ago.

    Yes, this guy is hot-hot-hot... even seeing this later photo of him i believe....


  6. I feel she brought the Superbowl halftime to a whole new level with that show. Especially the technical aspect with the digital imagery on the field and stuff. And yes, as someone else said, just how much she packed in - from the songs, to the dance moves, and guest stars with her own music.

    After her show, the performers have had to really up their game, IMO

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