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  1. Believe me, I do go and have as much fun as possible... but sometimes other people bother me when it seems like a huge swath isn't having fun at moments. I can handle a few. Because there is always those few zombies no matter what an artist sings.

    So I am not trying to put it all on Madonna, but I still think flow is important when choosing. And I actually like "Revolver" but I don't think the extreme vocoder helped the song gain any favor, lol.

  2. Such a sweaty, sexy show! I love the sound as well with the live band and her vocals.

    One of my fave moments ever is "Deeper and Deeper", then breaking down into the orgy, the riff she sings there, and then into "Why's It So Hard" which I fell in love with live. Oh and later that "Beast Within" dancer moment was pretty awesome to see as a young boy with very little access to homoerotica! haha

  3. "I Deserve It" has a very memorable bridge! "I have no regrets, there's nothing to forget, all the pain was worth it, not running from the past, I tried to do what's best, I know that I deserve it!"

    Oh you are right... that is a great lyric! (Bridges are the perfect time for a memorable lyric).

    It's because there is a very similar chord progression through the whole song that I didn't think there was a bridge in it. In some other songs, the song can change chord in the bridge moment.

  4. I used to feel like a lot of the songs on "Music" album didn't have a bridge, but I have to revisit again. Especially "Gone" and "I Deserve It".

    I had to look up the exact definition of a bridge again though, to remind myself it's purpose in a song. So maybe those songs have simple ones... They are very simple songs anyway, though very beautiful still.

    I love a great bridge, and Madonna definitely has some of the best, but it's understandable that there are many different kinds of songs that can be written.

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