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  1. Yeah I saw this story yesterday when I googled Madonna's name to see what was up with the tour. And of course the story was on the maniac right-wing site, Breitbart. So Christopher's facebook page was flooded with support from right-wingers thanking him for speaking truth... as if anybody voicing the other side isn't speaking their truth (or LOGIC). And as if any of these people truly support him otherwise, hello, he is gay. You know most of them actually despise him.

    There is no logic involved in arguing against many of these people on the subject - you know, things like when the LAW comes into the picture and the seperation of church and state, and this woman is a government official elected to serve the law. Nobody is taking away her religion outside of the job she CHOSE to do, and she certainly didn't give a damn about religion in all of her divorces and children out of wedlock. And these people rail against the government/constitution/courts until it comes time for something that serves them, like their guns.

    But like I said, there is no logic involved when arguing with certain people, Christopher being one of them. What a tool.

  2. Can anyone remember if the first 1 minute 20 seconds of Hung Up we heard ten years ago today on Motorola.com was the finished song with the ABBA sample? Or that remix they used for the ad? I always thought we got the Motorola version FIRST but my memory is patchy...

    I can't believe it's been 10 years.

    Also, isn't it ODD that Radio 1 were the ones to bring us the album release dates first (although they were wrong). How times have changed!

    Let's watch it again... no ABBA sample, but not sure if that specifically answers your question... love this commerial! Love that era!!

  3. My god these shows are so shyte. Thank God Madonna not got involved in being a jugde or something like that. So beneath her!!! Still nice to see the kids singing her music I suppose, haha.

    I remember not minding when Frencie Davis did 'Like a Prayer' for Christina on the Voice a few years ago... well the arrangement for the end of the song at least (it's a bit wobbly in the beginning and slightly "cruise ship" entertainment, haha)


  4. I was shocked Sorry hit number one here in the UK but very pleased .

    Jump should have been bigger . With a good

    Video with her strutting through her life how she made it big. With a cameo from Tony and Joan.

    I always thought "Jump" should have been promoted more as a song for "Devil Wears Prada", included on it's soundtrack as well as the Confessions album, and made to feel like a "movie song". It might have helped it be a bigger hit (because the song has "hit" written all over it).

    I was fine with "Sorry" being the second single because it is extremely catchy, though I would have loved a better video. Nice to see it was a big hit in many parts of the word.

    It was harder for her to have hits on later singles at this point, because yes, "Get Together" screams hit too. This album really had a lot of single choices.

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