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  1. she served face tho omg queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, she looks 30 again.
  2. Well if anyone can see how her butt look here. I can't understand
  3. I thought about this too, but I saw her butt in an IG video some months ago and it was that big again. It was on the studio with a kid choir at the video. Maybe its because cause of age idk. If they are implants tho, I hope she will take them out, they are too big for her body.
  4. No. I've see her butt like this before. I hope its fake.
  5. Imagine if she perform her latest released mumble rap song.
  6. I wasn't expecting to dance there too. She will probably take her guitar and sing.
  7. Is confirmed by other people too. Madonna herself confirmed it on her IG.
  8. Scream to her to come in Greece with her next tour. I'll appreciate it.
  9. Omggg hope the new era will begin tonight. Start it in the first day of 2019 and end it at the last one queeeeen.
  10. I hope she will take advantage of this and perform something new... don't waste another opportunity.
  11. How many hours left to enter 2019 in NY? Hurry up bitches. We on the other side of the planet need to sleep
  12. I will be happy just with an announcement that the album will not be called Magic tbh.
  13. What this "SOMETHING" could be? Something intangible like, idk, music? or something tangible like MDNA skin?
  14. I don't care about album or single for now. I just want a new song. Something. Even if its not going to be included, just release a song that didn't made it to the album... just for us, the fans.
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