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  1. 46 minutes ago, JWAD said:

    I think it will have a revision of some of the editing but that clip looks like it has been put together separately for a teaser commercial for IG. Most of the scenes are from the original video but edited into this mini commercial. Fingers crossed it has better editing than the first version 👍

    It has to be better and I'm sure it is!

    We'll finally stop talking about Eurovision lol

  2. 1 minute ago, Pink Elephants said:

    Mensch, this is great news, and you've always given us solid infirmation. With this Eurovision mess, M at World Pride would be a show for her BEST audience. I could kiss you right now.  😘

    Once the official announcement is made, I hope all of us gays (except those Lady hoohaa loons) give her lots of love. I think she could use it at the moment.

    Yes she needs our support! Mensch had great infos before ❤️

  3. Just now, Carey said:

    a lot of you need to let this go.

    the more fuel you give to it, the more it's going to spiral.

    she's been taking this kind of flak for nearly 40 years, sometimes the criticism is fair and a lot of the times it isn't (in both cases it is usually misplaced and goes too far into hating but i digress)

    we have to learn as a collective not to give this stuff power and more importantly not to take it so personally.

    and we also have to learn to accept critical opinions that don't think everything she does is the second coming, i happened to enjoy saturday but many didn't and providing it doesn't become a personal attack on her as a human being, that's valid.

    We're getting a new album in less than a month!!!


  4. 8 minutes ago, Kilt said:

    Now she  has @Crystal Coffin

    Nobody needs a "yes" man, it's a scary thing 😂

    10 minutes ago, bcx said:

    She’s going to have ups and downs. But there are a lot more downs at this stage of her career. It’s painful for all of us, I’m sure, and painful for her. But she’s got to crack the whip on her team, and she’s got to make some smart decisions going forward. And she will. The tour will be grand. They always are. The press will love the tour, her vocals will be great, and we’ll forget mostly about this. But we’ve got to make it through the promo phase. That’s the scariest part. 

    Everything has changed after she left Warner, I agree. But we need to move on. I have a feeling this era is going to be much more interesting than RH! I'm so excited for the videos, singles, tv shows! She will have so much fun on the tour, she will enjoy it much more than other tours

  5. 15 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I've been very critical of her this era but I still pre-ordered the album twice, digital and physical. I have not been feeling these new tracks but I'm still hopeful for the album. I'm sure we will all be saying, "Why didn't she pick this song as a single?" We do that every era. lol

    Everyone has a right to express their opinions ❤️ Can't wait for DARK BALLET, I have a feeling it's going to be my fav lool

    Don't forget to like the video guys😁

  6. 2 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    I really wonder why some feel the need to drag her so much. just say she was off key and that's it. it's so over the top. almost animalistic and black mirror ish.. girl just gave a performance.. it's not like she's a politician

    I'm surprised that the fans still want to talk about how bad it was, I mean, I get it, let's just move on and support her the best we can. It's not end of the world, we're getting a NEW ALBUM in less than month HELLOOOO

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ai Papi Si. said:

    Ok last post and then I'm out of this place (it's not personal cuz I love everyone here, I just REALLY love Madonna and I really want to enjoy an album cycle  on my own terms without anyone's opinions clouding my vibe).


    Guys, remember 2015? From beginning to end, the absolute worst possible things happening. The whole album leaked, Living For Love was her first real bomb, she literally got yanked off stage by her neck at the Brits, she got publicly humiliated by the useless Drake, she released Bitch I'm Madonna (ok, maybe that is just a personal gripe), she performed with the dreadful Taylor Swift, and then she capped the year off by having a VERY PRIVATE family issue used against her in the press.

    We survived that, we can survive ONE polarizing perf (imagine if this was like Wetten Daas or something, we'd all think it was terrific :rotfl:)! Cmon guys, get it together!! More videos are coming, she's gonna bring the house down at NY pride, the album is probably gonna knock our sox off, and she's gonna go on a really unique tour doing things she's never done.

    I hate seeing some of you guys so crestfallen. Just take a time out from the internet. I do it all the time. I feel much better when I do. AND MY GOD, PLEASE never read the comments!!! Comments are a cesspool for everyone. Look at the way ppl treat Katy Perry, or Hillary Clinton. There are other women who get dragged similarly. It's natural to focus on negativity, it's just human nature. Sometimes you just gotta get rid of the triggers. ❤️ 

    +1 my thoughts

  8. 9 minutes ago, Butter9 said:

    It's an ok performance and I have heard worst vocal from Madonna ( Hello Hard Candy promo tour !) 

    It's passable . I just wished it wasn't a rehash of The Met performance and Future sounds good although Quavo and Madonna had zero chemistry .

    He added nothing to the performance . Moving Swiftly On !  


    Haha yeah, I'm not happy with ESC performance, her voice was just ok, not terrible, buy hey what about the voice in Ghosttown performance at iHeartRadio? That was shaky af and nobody said a thing in the press cause Taytay was on stage... I'm a lil bit sad cause I'm not sure when she can perform again with 200 mil people watching. DARK BALLET HERE WE COME! I have a feeling that from now on this era is going to be fuckin epic! Dark ballet, tv shows, interviews, MUSIC VIDEOS and we're not getting only 3 singles lol...

    I'm soooo glad that biggest media brands are covering the Israel-Palestine flag story ❤️

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