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  1. I think the best thing about Madonna is she's never been afraid to say what she wants to say when she wants to say it. But sometimes that can get her in trouble. Madonna is human. At one point Whitney and Mariah were at the top of her game and she very well could have felt threatened and jealous of their success because she felt she was a better artist. That's perfectly okay, honestly. She's not a robot, and I certainly wouldn't expect her to be the type of person who kisses up to everyone and pretends to be a fan of her peers to stay on good graces. She's never been that way.

    I don't understand why some fans are offended by the notion that Madonna may have felt threatened. She's not perfect. Well she may be to us because we're loons but she's not. It's something I'm sure every artist has felt in reference to their peers and competition. Really, would we love Madonna as much as we do if she was a Taylor swift? Nope. It's not a bad thing.

    I don't think Madonna was threatened at all. It's not hard to understand her frustration at being verbally abused for what she thought an honest artist would be towards everyone while the princesses who are nice to the right people and have no interest in anything but being number one in everone's hearts get all the praise. I would imagine she felt it was unfair and that's the reason she spoke about a lack of an opinion from other artists. It's hurtful when you know you actually care about people and have an interest in society and all you get is hate for it. I think Madonna most likely resented being the bad girl all the time while others got praise. Like can someone back me up here or show a little strength besides me? It's annoying not threatening.
  2. Larkspur, I think the confusion in this thread is the use of the word "cunt" . I think that people have different interpretations of what it means or don't understand that a lot of women find it extremely offensive. I have always known it to be the lowest form of insult and always a misogynist put-down of women - usually by drunk men in my experience or offensive callers on the phone. I feel that a lot of people on the forum don't see it that way at all and to them it is another word for bitch. Maybe it also is not such a put down in other countries.

    So in that way of thinking, I never think of Madonna as a cunt at all. I never see her as a horrible nasty person with no ethics. I don't think she is a saint either and thank goodness for that. If someone called me a cunt to my face, I would be angry and insulted. I don't think men would have the same reaction. Because to me the word has a different meaning and is basically calling someone a dreadful low person with no redeeming qualities - as that is what I have always known it be interpreted as.

    You sound like you made that up just for this conversation. I think people know exactly what it means and I also think wholeheartedly they

    couldn't give one ounce of a damn who it bother and I also think you know that.

    Talk about putting people on pedestals.

  3. Madonna simply tells it like it is. She doesn't bullshit. And if that makes her a "cunt", so be it. It's why she's survived while most of the rest have not...and why so many fans AND haters around the world still respond to her 30+ years later.

    She knows how this game is played...and she plays better than anyone else.

    Long live the cunt.

    But that's just the point, it doesn't.

  4. This is so true on so many levels. Remember when I said Madonna planned the RH leaks? Remember the fucking flak I got? We've known her antics for too long. And anyone who still thinks the RH leaks wasn't planned is fucking stupid.

    Yes, she is a cunt. And we love her for it.

    That's ridiculous. People don't know the difference between Madonna empowering bitch which is basically any woman that dares speak her mind according to the society we live in. No no one here that I'm aware of knows Madonna on a personal level but I'm willing to bet not one of you would call Madonna that other awful term if she was communicating in this forum. You can't tell the difference between something that can be based on an attitude and something that is always meant to be degrading? I think I know enough to know she wouldn't be too pleased with someone calling her that.

    Of course going to the extreme and like Nikki said, saying things that no one said because I believe someone is hyping up something that is not true. That is not putting Madonna on a pedestal and why does that have to be explained? Just a few who like to hear themselves and their followers.

  5. Madonna has never been a saint and it is something we all love about her. :laugh: Imagine Truth or Dare if she had to watch everyone she said and did. However, her "feud" with Mariah - based on the spin magazine interview and Mariah's comment about her - is pretty blink and miss it really compared to most comments stars have thrown around about each other. Compare Mariah and Nicki Minaj's thoughts and feelings about each other - now that is what I call a feud ! Drunk Mariah is life by the way. I find her amusing.

    I know you know the truth Jan and had high hopes you would come in strong. :(

  6. :janetflop:

    Why dont other successful women in pop the Whitneys and Mariahs speak out for the things they believe in?

    Well, pop is short for popular and to remain popular you cant have a point of view or be outspoken. To remain popular you cant go against the grain. Janis Joplin, at this time, in this world would not be a popular artist. Chrissie Hynde does not sell as many records as somebody like Mariah Carey. And thats because Manah Carey and Whitney Houston dont have a f**ing point of view.

    Whitney had one about you, didnt she she said that shed kill her children if they turned out like you.

    Madonna arches her brows coolly. Ive never heard either of them say anything horrible about me. But if they have, its completely transparent why. It would be based on jealousy of the fact that I have a point of view. I think that its an artists responsibility to have a point of view. Society takes its cue from popular art. People need something to look to, something to provoke them into questioning whether they completely hate something or completely love something. Perhaps somebody like Mariah Carey wishes she could make that happen. On the other hand, she smiles nastily, if youre not terribly bright I suppose that you dont really give a damn.

    and here's your receipt: http://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-library/madonna-interview-nme-december-02-1995


    you should see what she has to say about courtney love...

    Excellent! Now people can make up their own minds what to make out of that. The difference between a criticism and an insult.

    As for Courtney Love was Madonna not suppose to complain about someone calling her three o'clock in the morning? How shocking!

    :) Now your assignment can be to list everything people have said about Madonna. Hope you have all the free time you can spare.

  7. Rewriting history? LOL. The nerve. Now who's doing that? As per usual you've completely missed the point. OK then, Madonna is a perfect individual who's never had a bad word to say about anybody.

    Obviously you have, on your quest to sway opinion. Instead of giving your account why don't you print word for word what was actually written or said from the beginning. Before you ask me to print it, remember I am not accusing anyone

    of anything.

    Madonna did not sit around making unprovoked comments about people as you are trying to suggest. Making a comment does not make you "a person who comments on people," it makes you human. I have looked at other people's jobs and said I would kill myself if I did that. An expression. In other words, I couldn't live with myself. I have seen people reword what she actually said but I simply don't have the time to constantly research articles to print word for word but I do remember her meaning.

    If your going to make grand statements about what she said then let her do the talking. Seeing what you want to see isn't everyone's experience. My point that you don't seem to get is Madonna was not one to sit around making comments about people and the vibe I get from you is that is exactly what you want people to think and that is not true.

    ...and of course she has to be the extreme if she's not the person you are trying to make her out to be. Okay she's an angel, she wears a halo on her head. :rolleyes:

  8. She also had a go at Whit and Mariah, suggesting they don't have opinions in NME 95, presaging Spin.

    Scandalous! Earthshattering! Suggesting women have an opinion! Totally warrants ridiculous insults! Problem people have with Madonna is the truth hurts doesn't it?

    I'm not even getting into this. I am a fan of Mariah and was a huge fan of Whitney but spare me the rewriting of history when speaking of Madonna going in on people. She did not and I remember plenty.

  9. but it's a misinterpretation, obviously. she doesn't want to "offend" in this case. do we really need even more drama and controversy? fine if she wants to piss people off, but here people are misunderstanding her POV and actually pays respect to the holy madonna. it is not her intent so isn't it better someone fixes it?

    When she wants to piss people off then Im all for it, but here it's not her intention..

    but fuck Im so surprised there a lot of catholic n christian folk on social media. who would've thought

    Nikki I don't think Madonna's intention has ever been to offend anyone.

  10. That's why I said on personal level she is free to remain friends (if she wants) and likely (knowing Madonna) try and influence their views in private.

    Do their clothes emphasize their views? Would she be selling their views by wearing clothing that in no way represents those views? Wouldn't that make Madonna a hypocrite if she wanted to reach out to someone but wanted to keep it quiet all in the name of protecting her brand?

    I don't know what her inner feelings are on this particular situation. I am going by what I know of her.

  11. I think they just want Madonna to open herself up for disappointment again. Her children are everything. It's pretty clear at this point that trusting anyone else is a mistake. It's a wonderful feeling to believe in the sentiments expressed in Ray Of Light but people who do often get hurt. Most probaly just liked the effort put into the album but think little of what it was saying. Same goes for Music and even more so American Life.

    You can't expect someone who is real to just shut it off and join in your idea of what kind of music or art they should be making. If the feelings aren't there they aren't there. You can't force them.

  12. This place is full of REVOLUTION OF LOVE shit but most of the time it's just a hateful circus. They can't say Madonna is old and they can't make fun of her or saying nasty thing about her, but in here everybody can make fun of Beyonce, Gaga, Kylie, Elton John, Janet etc with very hateful words. .

    I really don't get it.

    There is nothing anti revolution of love about having an issue with something someone is doing to you or others as long as you are open to their genuine willingness to make amends.

    I don't get 98% of what is written about other pop stars in here. I got to have reasons to dislike someone. You can't dismiss everything like it's all the same. Making fun of someone for getting older is not the same as having a problem with someone whose acting like a jerk.

  13. I have been a fan since 1 9 8 3. Am I suppose to not love Bitch I'm Madonna? Just using this one song as an example..it speaks to me in a way that I feel Madonna has spoken for me since day one. Sarcasm, humor, fun, wanting to be accepted, exasperation, perserverance, rebellion, stubborness. I have felt it all. Madonna uses her art to deal with feelings, hers as well as others. Older people experience these feelings. Are you suppose to deny everything? Are you suppose to have no emotions when you get older?

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