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  1. Im sorry if some here believe Animal Cruelty is a trivial matter. I dont.

    I believe Animals deserve to live without torture and pain.

    I was simply asking a question.

    I was simply asking a question.

    Very few if any I believe here think that is a trivial matter. That scenario doesn't exist.

    I have not said one word about Cecil and believe me when I say it angers me how arrogant and unfeeling humans are to think nothing of the other living beings on this planet as well as the earth itself. You can't always know what goes on inside someone based on what they say or don't say.

    Being against animal cruelty is not trendy or a purse you carry. It's being mindful of everything. It's looking down at your dinner plate and asking where your food is coming from. It's thinking about what you don't see as well as what you see. It's each individual asking themselves how much they contribute to animal suffering.

    Compare how much an average American contributes to the success of the fast food industry compared to how much Madonna does. How many of them would point their finger at her and ask what is she doing?

    Sadly with how the world has gone and people in general grow up without being taught to be mindful of animals and the earth, everyone needs to ask themselves what they do to contribute to animal suffering and what are they doing about it.

    I know people who love leather but they don't think about where it comes from. I know people who shop in grocery stores buying meat that comes from awful places and then are outraged when they hear of another animal being killed in the news. I know their outrage is genuine but it all seems to be for looks because they ignore what goes on day after day. Human beings have been basically raised with a lack of concern for animals.

    Madonna has worn clothing I would not wear and engaged in that shooting activity with her husband most likely without much thought as to what she was doing. Madonna expressed regret for that after she took her head out of the sand In wanting to please her husband when she saw what she was contributing to. She stopped after that.

    Like most people I doubt Madonna is not not affected by a lion being killed or any living being and Is not pro anything that contributes to that.

    Maybe Madonna is mindful of her own actions or inactions.

  2. Do you ask every person you pay money to what they are using that money for. The mention above of faceless companies is right. They are awfully smart to get people to actually target the artists themselves. The use them and profit off them and the music buyer has a problem with the artist making money off their own sweat and tears. Are people that jealous of successful artists? I feel no jealousy towards them for something like money.

  3. It's 17 years old so of course it sounds dated. Doesn't mean it's not brilliant.

    It's not necessarily so that something that came out 17 years ago is going to sound dated. I think music can very much reflect the time of when it was released and usually makes one think more of that space in time while other music makes one think mostly of the quality of the music. Personally I think Ray Of Light is timeless because my experience when I listen to it is the heart that is in the songs. My mind doesn't go to the late 90's.

  4. I am trying to work out the similarities between Bad Girl and Ghosttown and the only one I can think of is underappreciated by the general public. Bad Girl is one of my favorite songs but Ghosttown feels like there's a little something missing. Maybe if it wasn't seen as classic. Could be interferring with my feelings about the song.

  5. No we are not all the same. We are all equal in worth as human beings and that includes between celebrities but we have different values and different ideas and different ways of conducting ourselves and if you think Madonna is on the same level as people who make a habit of making thoughtless comments your wrong.

    That's the mentality today. One worker can come in goof off and basically do whatever they want and another can come in and work all day get paid the same but gets treated the same as the goof off or sometimes worse if they don't entertain the others. Nothing is rewarded today and is there no justice for people who basically do as they please.

  6. Becuz it was a notoriously rude moment from her that may or may not have been just an awkward slip up. I never judged her for it but plenty of others did. Want a different one? How about the Kevin Costner moment? You happy now?


    You turn around and tell me I misunderstood and now you are telling me that I was right in my assumption of why you brought it up.

    Loomer was the one a mission to trash Madonna and then retreats when people start getting into it. I never had a problem with you and always liked you. I don't understand how you can interpret that scene in any other way. It's pretty clear but whatever.

    Loomer was trying to create the illusion that Madonna is as petty as most of these celebrities are. I had a problem with that because oh well I don't know...oh yeah that's right..it's not true.

  7. What Madonna said was authentic. It was how she really felt. What Mariah said was BS and and created to insult and nothing more. That's the difference. Madonna would have said what she thought no matter what. I have a feeling Mariah would have changed what she said if she liked what she heard from Madonna. That makes her opinion phony.

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