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  1. I do understand what you are saying but Madonna has always loved Michael Jackson. I remember reading about her love for him as an artist way back when she was just starting out. I think she tunes off from a lot of the negativity and just continues to like whom she likes. Similar to the way she does not get involved in other's feuds or expect other people to involve themselves in hers. Look how she is still great friends with Stella while Stella is still friends with Goop. Mature and sensible way to be as people can be friends with different people who don't like each other plus think positively about others despite tiffs etc. I don't think she lets the stories of Michael Jackson's supposed disdain of her or his fans comments influence her at all.

    Gwyneth doesn't make a point of attacking Madonna though. How many of her friends hang out with Piers Morgan? Being friends with people who do not get along is completely different than being friends with someone who attacks her.

  2. I think the verse part is good, but when she goes into the chorus she tries to belt too much. Madonna's style is much more subtle, which gives it the sweet quality.

    This is how I felt listening to this. I love Kelly and love that she sang this song.

    It is interesting how there is criticizing of Madonna's singing and yet she owns her songs.

  3. It's so strange to hear that Madonna could do a reality show and we can't see cameras following her around all day can we? Isn't that what she did in Truth Or Dare and yet it seems all new to her.

    I am up for a new film/tour documentary but not the silliness of a reality tv show. What I liked about Truth Or Dare and IGTYAS is that she did it and moved on. I am so over these "reality" shows. Trends last too long anymore. It's like okay I am bored, I am ready for something new and different in television.

    I guess it all depends on how it's done and if it brings something new and interesting to the table. Of course I would watch any show Madonna is in because I find her interesting but it would be a shame to find her in a show that in any way resembles what Is shown on tv today.

  4. I don't see a sarcastic answer to your question.

    It's your tone and attitude in general. And then making someone else's thread seem stupid after you got an answer.

    Well done.

    This is the answer I got from the person who created the thread who really is the only one who can truly tell you what the thread is about.

    "Yeah, I had just had two fillings replaced. I felt like getting my mind off the dentist.How fucking goddamn silly of me."

  5. Larkspur what is your problem, seriously? Nearly every thread I see you post in you are just bitter or making unnecessary comments.

    Go through my posts again. You are wrong.

    I asked a question about what this thread was about because it didn't make any sense to me so I could give the thread a proper answer. If you go back and read you will see I got a flip and sarcastic answer and how exactly am I suppose to respond to that?

    If she had answered my question nicely I would have simply contributed to the thread and moved on. Obviously I am not on her list of people she needs to be nice to.

    I can't do anything for her status here and I don't tell her how wonderful she is so I am not worth the trouble of answering and she certainly doesn't have to worry about anyone caring if she's rude to me.

  6. Sort of. Because Madonna dedicated it to virgins, everyone that was a virgin at the time it was released, can claim it is dedicated to them.

    So it's not about individuality but everyone who fell into that bracket. You might as well asked what year were you born instead of whether Madonna dedicated an album to you.

  7. Not sure if I am using this thread correctly but I like the title randomdonna.

    I will use it to make a comment instead of asking a question.

    How ironic is it that if Madonna was an anonymous poster on a forum devoted to her, she would would most likely be one of the most unpopular members?

  8. I am in the group that now believes the original lyric was "baby Jesus understands." I think Madonna went with "baby Jesus on the stairs" when asked in reddit I think? I could see Madonna allowing people to think something different for her own amusement. I originally heard the lyric as baby Jesus on the stairs but when I listen now it sounds different.

    As far as the song...you have to detach yourself and accumulate as much as you can to actually say these words and mean them. If you don't people hold you hostage.

  9. "The music business as we knew it is dead"

    The music business has become an investment as a PR tool for a band's next tour, the singer-songwriter, Don McLean has told BBC HARDtalk. "It's not the content, it's a mindset of business, U2 gave their album away, Bob Dylan gave away 50,000 copies of his album" he said.

    "Campuses are corporate nowadays". "Anyone who is really contrary, who says something, that is really truthful and goes against certain things is going to find themselves blacklisted," (Talks about the Dixie Chicks and Linda Rostadt)

    At the end of the full interview he also mentions how he owes everything to people like Liberace more than anyone else and that without Liberace we wouldn't have Madonna and Elton John today".

    So sad and what's worse is people are supporting this and actually have a grudge against the artists. They are being manipulated and and are perfectly content in having little to no opinion.

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