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  1. I am not wrong. I'm never wrong darling. :queenbitch: What I'm actually saying is that Rachelle saw the moment and she seized it! Rachelle got her seats close to the stage, she screamed and she danced and sang! A wallflower isn't going to catch Madonna's attention. She can't have a conversation/interaction with everybody in the arena. First of all, probably about ninety percent of people would be boring when the mic came at them. Rachelle has UP energy and if you notice SHE had people in the arena laughing and applauding. Darling, come to terms with your feelings and just be happy for somebody else.

    Iwould overlook the inauthentic if it was a nicer person.

    ..and I am happy for many people if I think they truly deserve it.

  2. JEALOUS?! What is making you act like such a loser?

    She doesn't know her. The important thing is that Rachelle wasn't afraid to pour out her positivity in front of somebody she absolutely adores! I know Rachelle personally and I can say for certain that it was no accident that Madonna chose her and then had a delightful little chat with her. You might find that if you pour forth positivity you might have more positivity come back at you!!!


    I am sorry but you are wrong. You're saying no one else in that place shows positivity or loves Madonna?'

    Only thousands. She was randonly called and I didn't think it was authentic. That's all I said. So I got reported while otjers badically say what they want.

  3. Oh I've had enough of you. Two warning points served right up and you've been reported to Hector.

    Stop it with your inane replies or I will start deleting your posts. No one is here for your drama.

    What are the reasons? I disagreed with something said in the thread???? Oh excuse me. Others can make all the comments and gifs they want or whine about what other members are saying. Your suppose to be neutral as a mod.

  4. :manson:

    No one is saying it's a huge life-saving accomplishment or anything of that sort you utter spoilsport. We're just being nice to a fellow fan who got to interact with Madonna at the show last tonight. Why do you have to come in here and piss all over it? Just leave this thread if it offends you so much. Your posts here just smack of jealousy.

    Rather transparent, wouldn't you say...

    If she said something authentic to her then it would be different. She's getting a pat on the back because Madonna said something that isn't


  5. What the fuck is all this about? We're in this thread celebrating last night's amazing concert and you have to take personal swipes at other posters. Take this to another thread or to the Lounge - this is not the right place or time. :thumbsdown:

    No your not. Your celebrating someone that got randomly called in an audience like they accomplished something. Madonna is the one in control of what happens.

    Whats the big accomplishment? Forgive me if Madonna actually knows her.

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