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  1. FINALLY she gets dancehall right!!! Really, UB is crap, sorry to those who like it. However, Future is the fucking JAM!!! Is she sorta channeling her inner Manu Chao at some point btw? I think she is! Lol! I loove Future, it has this ska/summer/dancehall vibe that is just so damn infectious. I can see my 18 y.o. self (some moons ago, I must say), wasted and partying until 3 am, jamming to this. Looove it.

  2. What was the name of the Portuguese pianist who helped her for the Met performance? I am hoping he gets to be the new tour director, and we can finally say adieu to Kevin Autotune. Maybe he's helping again for Eurovision?

  3. 1 minute ago, acko said:

     But then the Eurovision has this reputation of being kitsch or almost a joke, so who wants 2 participate?

    This. Eurovision is a joke. Yes, some songs are good every year (5-6 every year usually), but those never get anywhere, or rarely. I mean, look at the lame bitch who won last year? I mean, c'mon, a joke! And then its voting scheme is weird and reeks of politics. It honestly does not seem like a fair contest imho. But then many people see it, so I get why M chose this as a promo tool.

  4. I am still curious to find out what she'll perform at Eurovision. Particularly, because I think both Medellin and Crave have very particular markets to target, so what song would she present to European audiences? Or maybe she'll just push Crave/Medellin as well over there? 

  5. Ok... been listening to the song for a bit now, 4-5 times. I like it. I love her voice, and I like the vibe of it. I feel like something we haven't discussed here is Lauren D'Elia's input. Madonna is singing differently in these new batch of songs, and this, I feel, may have something to do with hiring a vocal engineer for the recording process. I love the silkiness of her voice, particularly in the middle of the song, right when it mixes with Swae Lee's. I stand by what I said before, this is current US sound. Medellin is LatAm mainstream. She's covering many bases here, very strategic. She's really putting a lot of strategy into this. 

    Guess I've yet to find any particular Portuguese or lusophone influences in this. We'll see.

  6. Ok. I listened to a 30 sec clip (forgive me I have sinned! Lol). I feel I will like Crave. Still Medellin tops the other two songs. Yes, Crave is entirely US material, and yes, she's singing in that particular style that suits the current US top 40 radio. However I still think I will end up enjoying this one. Looking forward to hear it complete.

  7. Spot on references by many here. I can also hear some of DWRY, Best Friend. Her vocal style (or approach? I am not an expert on this technical things) is definitely one I feel I heard in HC songs for the first time. And I agree with others in that her vocal style/delivery doesn't do much for me. Otherwise, a cute song.

  8. Crazy theory, but maybe she was planning a 1st single release around performing at Pride, and when that fell out, went with Medellin? Hence why she filmed Medellin after this supposed disco banger's video? She was filming lots of stuff during Q1 of 19, so maybe she had plans B and C all the time.

  9. 8 hours ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    I am always the first to lash out at any forum member who posted a negative (or even just slightly negative) comment on Madonna, but what Icykiller said there is FINE. I totally get what he tried to say and clearly it's not a diss at all. 

    Thanks @Crystal Coffin, yes, I am not dissing, but actually praising the song. I think M did great with this one. @madmex  I think Medellin never explodes because it keeps up the same tempo throughout, there's no ups and downs, or a particular point in which she belts or breaks with the song's flow (think Rol's scream at the end, or the raising chorus at the end of Living for love, or the flamenco break in Deeper and deeper, right when she sings: never gonna hide it agaaaain....). My personal take on the song though. 

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love this kind of stuff. Also, the little tibit on how she sent Mirwais a guitar riff and he responded by sending back a whole structure (808s and stuff). Seems like there aren't many more olutlets on which to discuss the musicality of the Madame X project. How I miss those long magazine interviews back whencMusic and ROL were out,in which she would expand on little details about songs and the album's concept.

    Back to the article, I noticed the simplicity in the song, as many others did. Many mentioned the laidback, sort of breezy feeling to Medellin. Despite Maluma, the song is a far cry from the typical reggaeton music sturcture. It is more Madonna's, more pop. The song never explodes, nor does it have to. There is no particular climax, yet when I am done listening to Medellin I feel like I want to keep dancing, so the song does build up without ever actually dropping. 

  11. Wow! So many feelings. Not at all what I expected, and I mean that  in a good way. As many have pointed out, I feel the song is a grower. I also think that, as with all of Mirwais collaborations with M, it takes a few listens to fully appreciate the richness in his production style. I loathe reggaeton, but here I can just skim through the Maluma parts, they are not overwhelming or annoying. The tempo is heaven, that mid range only M knows how to work. The song, I feel, picks up production-wise and in terms of style and her singing from Body Shop, in Rebel Heart. It's like the post-Body Shop sound, just like Bedtime Story hinted at her musical directions with ROL.

  12. Digging the covers! Intrigued by the Mirwais tracks, and awesome that she has a tie-in with Diplo. Such a M thing to do, keeping a tie with the previous project in one or two tracks. Cannot say I am thrilled by the presence of Maluma and Anitta, and that Faz Gostoso song is completely out of my musical preferences. I mean, talk about playing to the gallery, that sound is like cocaine right now: it hits. Regardless, let's see how M brings this to her own way of making music. 

  13. 47 minutes ago, Bette Davis Dub said:

    Hung Up on US charts:

    US Billboard Hot 100: 7
    US Adult Contemporary: 29
    US Adult Top 40: 16
    US Mainstream Top 40: 17

    Those numbers are amazing coming off of a brilliant yet divisive album (AL). I see HU as Rain: both songs would've been bigger hits under different contexts, but fulfilled the task of re-establishing Madonna as a pop song maker rather than a controversial artist. She always floats in between the two, pure pop and controversy. But now there is the element of age, which she has addressed and (imo) understands well.

    I would claim success if she manages either one of the following: one more or a couple of top 40s from this album, or critical acclaim (awards, positive press, interest, etc.). That seems like a more achievable thing than a BBHot100 #1.

  14. I feel like all these tv shows (fallon, awards, etc.) represent risks at this point. What is the likelihood that the viewer connects, and also, viewership is increasingly declining. Is it a worthy investment to perform? I feel like the answer is: not really. M might as well do a youtube live showcase anywhere and get similar impact imho. What about going back to the little live perormances at selected cities? She did that for awhile (Brixton for Music, several for AL, Coachella for COADF, and then one for HC at some radio show). She could get some healthy viewership if recorded or streamed live.

  15. Just now, runa said:

    So excited for Madame X ! Hope it’s true. :tigger:

    so clever, subtle and might refer to so many meanings. And that’s totally on point with her view on women, how they get treated, how they are perceived, etc.

    Saying it’s only related to prostitute is VERY REDUCTIVE. 

    Agree with you. The Madame X title, if true, has layers: a prostitute, but one who rulesover others, the high society woman, any middle age and/or married woman, etc. The X just adds to the randomness of it all, which I kinda like. Of all her album titles, the worst is MDNA. Like the album, it's trend chasing and market oriented. Regardless, we'll find out what the album title is #soon.

  16. The plot thickens... So she filmed videos that are not music videos, and has yet to finish filming the music video? I do not think M would do videos for each song on the album. Maybe tour backdrops? This album is not comimg in Q2 imho.

  17. 56 minutes ago, Nick said:

    Thought Confessions had several great remixes that were officially released.

    Agreed. I am not a remixes person, but the Confessions ones are ace! There is at least one remix per singel that is good, plus the paper faces mix for LIWB and a few others. 

  18. Is she really pissed off over a horse issue? I doubt it, she seems to me like the kind of person with a tough skin. I do not picture her as being that entitled and up her own ass. Anyways, I agree that this thread is just all over the place. Is she still filming? Is Mike Dean still with the record's finishing touches? Have there been any exec listening parties? Any tour date rumors? Any new instagram filters she claims to be the result of mdna skin? Anything? 

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