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  1. On 11/23/2020 at 4:15 PM, Barbie said:

    Trump's ego cannot take the fact that he's a one term bitch :lmao:this is a man who has never been told "no" his entire life. I don't know why some are surprised he's acting like this.

    Amen. The only thing that will happen for sure is that he will run again in 2024 ... unless of course he is in prison by then. 

  2. 1 hour ago, SheldonCooper said:

    I thought maybe since it was a pandemic we would be obliged. 

    Doubtful. At least here in my neck of the woods, living in a democracy, you have constitutional freedom of rights and choices. 
    Having said that, if this thing genuinely pens out to be 90% effective, I’ll be the first one in line for that shot. Even a BAT Reloaded World Tour would not get me out of that queue 😜

  3. Bitch McConnell can suck it. He is the worst of them all and yes maybe even worse than Cunt. 

    Speaking of the vaccine, most vaccines against any virus are effective in the range of 60-80% (I.e. flu, measles, etc.). If 90% is indeed accurate, then this is quite an accomplishment. 

    Instead of the USA preparing to distribute the vaccines, these GOP assholes are playing politics to stick it to the Libs, motivate their electoral for the Georgia senate run offs and generally speaking to make Biden’s presidency as difficult as possible from the get-go. Truly vile and horrible people. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, Junior said:

    Exactly. They won’t announce Biden as the winner till he officially has the 270 electoral votes. He super duper most likely will, but votes are still being counted in those last few states and the margins in those last few states are still close-ish. After what happened in 2000 and 2016, they’re going to be cautious and as precise and detailed as possible with all this data so there’s less doubt. I’d much prefer it this way. The dumb Trumper conspiracy nut jobs won’t believe anything anyway but who cares they can’t save his ass now.

    You are so right. They can suck it. What a vile bunch led by the vilest cunt of them all. 

  5. 18 hours ago, VogueMusic said:

    I am SO over this "Biden is too old/slow/weak" perspective. You're telling me that a morbidly obese, 70+ year old, on plenty of medication, whose sociopathic personality, death cult mentality, and anti-science arrogance got his own ass infected with Covid - and has left the rest of us for dead from day one - is still a better look than Biden? GTFO. 

    And the only reason why he's probably still going right now is because they're pumping him full of experimental drugs and steroids.


  6. 49 minutes ago, runa said:

    Obesity has nothing to do with that.

    Sure it does. More risk of contracting and succumbing to a deadly disease. This doesn’t help if you are a spring chicken let alone in your twilight years. 

    Either way I don’t have a dog in this race. It’s just funny to me to see Americans be so easily distracted and even manipulated. 

  7. The difference this time is that not only the inner circles in Washington know what Russia et al are doing to undermine the election, everyone and his mother are aware of the situation (well for the most part). It’s certainly less of an uphill battle to convince people this time than it was in 2016. 
    The orange clown is not an inexperienced candidate like in 2016 but he is someone with a record (a vile record I might add). Will it move the needle among his base? Of course not! But it very well could lure independent voters and moderate republicans to Biden this time around. 

    The only fear I personally have is what happens post election when the autocrat looses and doesn’t go away. When you have Bill Bar and potentially the majority of the Supreme Court in your pocket, contesting the results of a free election and then overturning it worries me deeply. He has proven himself that he is not above crossing the Rubicon and unfortunately he has enough enablers and state TV (Fox News) to go along with him. 

    That’s why it is important that people vote like there is no tomorrow. No Bernie Bros or Kanye distractions this time please but eyes on the prize ...

  8. 3 hours ago, acko said:

    I disagree. It's about those who don't love it. The anti-reaction isn't nearly loud enough.

    Both statements are correct in my mind. “Eyes on the prize“ should be the Democrat’s’ motto until the election and thereafter. Don’t get distracted. Stay on course. Point out would be Mussolini’s failure on healthcare and the pandemic and mobilize the 60% of the country to get into the groove and if necessary to cause a commotion in order for the USA to get together and to let freedom ring 😅

  9. 3 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Is it just his rampant cult followers who love him or do others adore him too ?  I don’t understand the appeal of this man in any way, shape or form.  Every American that I have met ( the ones who now live or are visiting Australia) detest him and find him an embarrassment to the United States. 

    He has a core of followers (i.e. 35% of Americans) who have signed up for the cult. And that is scary. 
    The other 5% usually are fiscally conservatives or Bible humpers who put up with his shit because he is giving them Aunt Lydia and other ultra conservative judges who are appointed for life and really can turn back time if the majority of them wanted to. 

  10. And let’s not forget that if you have had COVID, you’ve got yourself a pre existing condition now which won’t be covered by health insurances if he and his autocratic staff succeed in taking away Obamacare from American citizens.
    On top of that they are pushing hard to get Aunt Lydia (aka Judge Amy Coney what’s her face) onto the Supreme Court even though three Republican senators have tested positive and time is running short for the confirmation. 
    The postal service is still being sabotaged, he plans on suing his way into the second term by saying absentee ballots are illegitimate (which is why he also needs Aunt Lydia on the bench). 
    He is deflecting from his alleged tax fraud by also pushing this new “miracle cure” which all scientists say does not exist (yet) and despite all of that his approval rating is still in the higher 30s. 

    Such a vile piece of shit and his heinous enablers. Even Bond villains can’t believe this insanity.  

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