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  1. The more appropriate question is: why haven't these Republicans already been called fascists at this point? Sickening. Trying to overthrow a democratic election and then whining and bitching afterwards for biased coverage by the “fake media”, being wrongly portrayed and other nonsense victimhood bullshit. 

  2. Gun reforms, vaccines, abortion laws, hell even movie reboots have become a sideshow and mere proxy wars to the real problem that has been dominating American life for some time now: two opposing ideologies. One is a variation of liberalism, the other one is good old autocratic fascism based on the fear of loosing power. 
    Many European countries among others had this issue in the past at sone point in their history. The USA still being a relatively new country has just entered adolescence and it’s about to get nasty. My two cents anyway. 

  3. Screw this shit.

    In the first German Republic of Weimar in the 1920s, courts were extra hard on sentencing criminals from the political left and were very much blind on the right eye. That’s how Hitler ended up in prison for a few months after committing serious treason. We hopefully all remember what he ended up doing in the 1930s and 40s.
    And yet here we are in 2021 and the USA is en route to being a fucking fascist leaning state. 
    And what do Democrats do? In-house fighting. Way to go. I’m depressed. Good night. 

  4. Saw that segment too. And yet all the Dems he asks about this and what they will do to prevent it, they give him non sequitur bullshit answers. It’s frustrating. That’s why I said the Dems still haven’t learned their lesson. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye. 2022-24 will be the biggest shitshow ever and who knows if the republic will get back from this. 

  5. Complacency will indeed be the downfall of the Democrats and in doing so also of the American republic. The US constitution will not make it under another Trump term and these enabling psychopaths aka the Republicans. 

    Sometimes I think, that’s what people deserve for being so stupid to believe that bipartisanship with this fascist version of the Republican Party could ever lead to something productive. Biden still lives in 1991 when politicians in Congress were able to cross the isle to get the majority in order for a bill to pass. Progressives and Moderates and Conservatives within the Democratic Party enjoy tearing each other a new one when the other side falls in line like good fascists do even though they also disagree with each other at times. 

    It’s so frustrating to watch and see the next shit coming because the writing is on the wall in bold letters and nothing will be done to prevent it. Maybe the US really needs to crash hard for permanent changes to finally occur, I don’t know. 

  6. 23 hours ago, Kim said:

    Britain in 2021. More and more like a FAILED STATE every day. 


    Heard this on the news today. Irony is a bitch, isn’t it? The same assholes who yelled all of these fascist slogans against immigrants (aka EU members who were allowed to travel and work within the EU and therefore also in the UK at that time) to realize their wet dream of Brexit, “just now” realize that truck drivers and “staff” are missing.
    I know I’m a bad person but I cannot stop laughing over this insanity. 

  7. These days I remember 2003 when M was about to release AL the video (not even the fully uncensored version as it turned out) and I have to say while I still cringe at the album and song itself, the video has unfortunately aged like fine wine (I say unfortunately because of current events). It is more current than ever. 
    This is such a fucked up world we live in it feels at times …

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