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  1. I’ll be in London and Brighton early next year - for the first time in three years since the beginning of the pandemic, I’m sort of scared lolz. I wonder if England is really as cray cray as I keep reading and hearing about it.
    I mean Brexit, Covid, Ukraine, the Queen’s Death, an economy that is in the toilet, a new crazy PM, FEL not hitting #1…a country can only take so much I guess. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    And there are still people who think the U.S. do not have a problem with guns. Well, I guess when half the nation is living in a constant haze of opiods, alcohol,  psychopharmaca and any other drug (legal or illegal) available, it makes it much easier to ignore all the shit going on. But yeah, FREEDOM


    Unless when it comes to freedom of choice and all. Such hypocrites!

  3. 19 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    Ive been seeing videos of parents screaming and crying to officers, begging them to do something, while they hear gunshots.. it took 40 minutes before the cops went into the building. there's no words 😞

    Disgusting for sure. I have read that cops didn’t enter the school earlier because they knew the shooter had an AR-15 while they had regular guns. He would have taken them down as well if they had tried it with these conventional weapons.
    Way to go USA, you can’t say gay or teach your kids about African American culture in some states but you can buy x-amount of semi automatic weapons used in war / combat situations without anyone raising any flags to go on a killing spree. Thoughts and prayers. 

  4. Congress could ratify Roe vs Wade by passing a federal law that forbids the ban on abortions. For that they need 60 senators or changing the filibuster. Good luck with both. 
    The other possibility is to stack the court with more liberal justices. Nowhere does it say in the constitution that there shall be 9 justices. It used to be less but for 200 years now there have been 9. And even here you have Democrats who won’t vote for this. 
    This is so fucked up. The Dems have really been complacent - the same with the Jan 6th insurrection. The other side is so much better at sticking to the talking points and just get it done. The Dems’ asses will be kicked so hard in November and in 2024, which sounds fun, was it not for the risk of loosing the democracy by allowing such loons as MTG or Dumpster to take over (again). 

  5. I guess the 2020s haven’t been enough of a shitshow. It’s like the world collectively decided: “it’s been a good run, now let’s go cray cray…”. 
    Who would have thought the USA would be en route to really becoming the Handmaid’s Tale. 
    All you Bernie Bros and Susan Sarandon who couldn’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary because reason, I hope you are proud as fuck. Come 2024 the totalitarian picture will be complete. 

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