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  1. 1 hour ago, ctg12 said:

    Terrible, terrible.

    Glad you and your friends and family are ok, Pedro.


    22 minutes ago, Sanctuary said:

    OMG. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm so glad you're safe @Pedro 

    I hope all of your family and friends are safe too. Please keep us updated on what's happening and stay safe. 


    Thank u @ctg12 and @Sanctuary just arrived home after 6/7 hours trying, I knew my department and my dogs were ok, but there are some lamps broken and some cracks on the wall paint, the building is relatively new so it's built with the latest anti seismic technology but you never now... the authorities have to check it but they will have many complicated days and night ahead. 

    There are many people under the rubble that hopefully will be rescued in the following hours/day. 

    Its so strange that this happened precisely 32 years later on the same day that the big earthquake of 85 almost destroyed the city. 

  2. U.S.


    BY HARRIET SINCLAIR ON 9/14/17 AT 4:31 PM 

    Mexico Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 90 As Devastation Revealed


    President Donald Trump has claimed the reason he did not reach out to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto immediately after the country’s huge earthquake was because there was no cellphone reception in Mexico.

    The president was asked why he had not yet contacted Peña Nieto following last Thursday’s magnitude 8.1 earthquake in Mexico that left at least 96 people dead, prompting White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to claim on Tuesday that a phone call between the pair was imminent.

    And following up on that pledge, the president days later said he had managed to call Peña Nieto, claiming that poor cell service had prevented him from doing so earlier.

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    His tweet was immediately criticized by fellow Twitter users.

    “It’s been a week and a half. If you didn’t have cell phone service or three days why couldn’t you contact him after that?” user Ed Krassenstein‏ wrote. Another, David Putnam‏, said, “Wow, Trump is just now getting to the Mexico earthquake disaster. Most (good) people would send condolences immediately.”

    It had been noted that Trump had not reached out to Mexico after the country was hit by two natural disasters—the earthquake and Hurricane Katia—in a short space of time, prompting Mexico to withdraw its offer of aid to the U.S. after Hurricane Harvey.

    Mexico had earlier offered help after Harvey hit Texas, saying it was what good neighbors did. Trump never issued a response to that offer.

    A statement released by Mexico’s foreign ministry said, “Given this situation, the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to the families and communities that have been affected in Mexico and has informed the Texas and U.S. governments that, unfortunately, on this occasion, it won’t be possible to provide the assistance originally offered to Texas in late August in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.”

  3. 1 hour ago, Kim said:

    See, the good thing was that no one actually paid any attention to your nonsense. Your intention to "piss people off" wasn't working and it was hilarious to see no one rise to the bait. It's a pity a few people fell for it this time.

    As far as I'm aware, there are no white nationalists, racists (or apologists thereof) on this board. If there are, feel free to point them out, but this "you white people" schtick is banal in the extreme on a faceless, semi-anonymous message board. Especially when most of the discussion in this sub-forum on what's going on worldwide politically is by people here that are in no way, shape or form racist, REGARDLESS of the colour of their skin.

    I'm not surprised though. You Mexicans are all the same....


    Mexicans are the worst!!!  


    @Nikki the same thing that you described as discrimination within Asia unfortunately happens in the same way within Latinamerica, sometimes it can be very harsh and noticeable and sometimes as subtle as people not getting jobs because the tone of their skin or people that came from national ethnicitys being totally relegated and discriminated... 

  4. 4 hours ago, VogueMusic said:


    When you enable, make excuses for, pander to, are endorsed and surrounded by neo-fascists/neo-nazis/white supremacists...you've completely lost even the slightest shred of respect that any human being should be afforded. 

    No one should be surprised. This is what this poor excuse for a man has always been.


    I'm in no way diminishing the importance of his recent statements, but he has been making this kind of racist remarks calling all Mexicans, murderers, criminals and drug dealers for years enabling a more pronounced discrimination and aggression to the Latin community in the US and also on his instance on Islam. 

    So yes I agree with you that this should not come as a surprise but I hits closer to the heart of the US, with and their history of racial issues. 

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