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  1. I have mixed feelings about AL, I mean it’s not like her worst one but I don’t find myself listening to the album very often, not even the songs, I like them but mmm it’s weird, it’s very intimate and acoustic and has a nice production but mmm even the tour versions of NKM and M&F are better (was that Stuart Price?).

    And she already said that this was like AL 2.0 but with a worldwide focus so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. On 5/27/2019 at 5:10 PM, Confessit said:

    That sounds like good commercial sense. 

    I think the drag queen video/single will be released for PRIDE. Maybe she will offcially announce she is plying pride on June 14th and drop the video/single so all the gays go and stream it.

    If would be a big moment for her having never played PRIDE but her music is always prominent at ever PRIDE event globally. I hope we get the video June 14th then now I know they will help in MX get to number 1.  

    This is what I think will happen, she will announce on Jun 14th that she will be at Pride performing, then drop the drags video that will have replay value because of them and then if Dark Ballet and disco song deliver, all of those tracks and videos will push some streaming numbers and could give M the edge against Bruce that has no streaming power, yeah he can sell albums but Madonna too and she also has the tour bundle and multiple editions, she will move around 130K units and him like 90k.

  3. Yeah, maybe the rehearsals for Pride because it seems like she’s getting ready for a show and the tour is 4 months away.

    Or maybe a Today Show/ GMA concert in the summer, but this is not for a single song.

    I’m so hyped for DB!!! Hopefully is not the Gang Bang of MX where it was so hyped and then she didn’t pushed.

  4. 5 hours ago, Ugly Hecty said:

    Thank I bought it now! 

    But yeah it says Polydor import, so those sales will count for the UK? USA? And also it says that it delivers on June 21, so second week tracking...

    I was able to choose Mexico as my delivery address.

    So this Deluxe 2CD was only available for the UK? 

  5. Germany is snapping this era, Medellin went high on iTunes and now future has been on #9 since the performance.

    Also in the UK the singles have been holding way better than in the USA.

    Whatever, I’m happy that she’s relevant enough to generate conversation and headlines, per example Cher or Barbra released albums on Q3/18 and I don’t even remember their albums or songs doing something, only Cher’s Gimme x3 did slightly something but not at this level, Madonna is still pushing it on sales, streaming and views.

  6. I’m starting to get the message of her, this will be like American Life 2.0 but global, not only on the sounds but the urgency to do something, but it’s weird because I Rise and Future give that message but then Medellin and Crave are more personal/dreamy/romantic and don’t have any urgency, then Dark Ballet and God Control do.

    Anyway, so far I like that every song released is like an edge of Madame X (album), every song is different and doesn’t have relation but somehow the work, let's see the flow once we can hear the complete album in 26 days 🙂

  7. Having watched the performance on YouTube now, it was great, my fav part is the DB intro, Future is cool too.

    Also I’m laughing my ass off because there are a lot of comments about the symbols and double meanings, saying that she’s Illuminati because of the one eye, then red circles, gas mask, they saying that when both dancers with the flags separate and the screens show war, it means that they will start WW3 and when she finishes with Wake Up it is a sign wtf, much better since it means more views from them.

    I’m more excited about DB if it has this kind of message I love it.

  8. I think that the problem maybe was that she didn’t payed many attention to Eurovision, it seems like she rehearsed more for BBMA and had more chemistry with Maluma than what she did here, maybe she thought she was going to American Idol or X Factor clone and thought that Met Gala 1.5 would be it.

    Even if no one liked the performance it still sparked interest in both songs and her music as seen on iTunes and YouTube, and the tour would have been sold out anyway.

    And the bloody cape and eyepatch aren’t it, she was scared walking down the stairs and then dancing in future watching that no one stepped on her tail.

  9. It was fine, LAP was cute, my favorite part was the spoken one and Future was ok, Quavo was annoying and no one asked for him, she should have done Medellin or La Isla bonita or something more light for Eurovision but whatever it happened, hopefully at least 500K of the 200M viewers buy Madame X and stream Future, my mom who’s part of the GP messaged me to tell me that Future was cool.

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