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  1. Susannah Melvoin on Candy perfume girl, Jem Griffiths on Nothing Fails, Ingrid Chavez on Justify my love, And Susan Leonard on Live to tell (credited later on i'm going to tell you a secret)....

    What did Susan Leonard do on Live To Tell? Didn't Pat say Madonna wrote all the lyrics to that (in one sitting)? Was there a different version on IGTTYAS?

  2. Most have been short and sweet like "Amaze" on the first secret project photo and things like "love this" (or similar type stuff) on the art pics. A couple more I'm forgetting. But I think she's "liked" almost every one!

    Thanks :)

  3. Lol I love Debi. She's been liking and commenting on all M's pics.

    Keep them coming, M!

    It's the first comment I've seen of hers :lol: What else has she said? I hate how the older comments disappear after a certain amount of comments are posted.

  4. The picture gives me a "violence against women" vibe. Which would be infinitely awesome. Much needed topic that the mainstream media never hypes as an "urgent" matter.

    Violence or different injustices (like ageism, double standards) against women could be a theme... Rihanna might be in this project, but with her back with Chris though, what does it really say? It sorts of undermines things a bit?

  5. It seems that everyone in Hollywood knows about this secret project....even Kim Cattrall has been tweeting about it....I wonder when we find out...I'm guessing soon now M has "spoken" about it!

    What did Kim say?

  6. Don't even, it's not like MDNA where even if you listen to it you can't avoid the disasters (though there are some stunners there), the more I listen to HC the more I just love all of it, the slow sexiness of Candy Shop, the breakdown on 4 Minutes, the extended, frenetic Incredible, the closing bars of Voices, Devil... don't get me started on the outtakes - Animal? Across the Sky? I fucking love Hard Candy, but like Erotica she sold it as something completely other than it was for an effect and, like Erotica, it backfired on her. Sorry. Wrong place for this but.

    I prefer Animal and Across the Sky over Spanish Lesson & even Dance 2 Nite... I can't believe she was going to put Birthday Song instead of Love Spent on the main MDNA album. Her choices are confusing sometimes.

  7. Has her dad had the all OK with his cancer? Its all been quite private (I suppose its none of our business) We didnt really find out how Elsie died, even though she was almost 100 years old. Ughh M's going to be emotional. I wish her all the love in the world.

    There was something mentioned in a tabloid years ago, right? Was there ever any confirmation?

    Her dad currently has cancer? Was there any other mention of that?

  8. It was her party, it says in the article it was a 'pre-Oscar' party so we don't know there was loud music and dancing.

    However, chances are it's all made up. They just love to trash her.

    I see, I thought it was at her after party where she basically spends most of the night dancing and not really hanging out. She actually attended a pre-Oscar party without getting photographed? She can act bitchy sometimes, but I don't know if this particular story is true, given it's from the Fail. If she did act that way, then it was unnecessary, but if she didn't, it's just another one of the many stories put out by creative writers.

  9. How in the world do all these random people who dislike Madonna hear a conversation in the middle of a massively loud dance floor while she's surrounded by her own people (dancers, kids, celeb friends) and yet are able to decipher all that was said or not said word per word? :lol:

    The Demi diss story was proven to not be true, now there has to be another "mean Madonna" story. I think the tabloids are mad they don't get an invite to a party that's packed with celebs and where the celebs really let loose. Even Chelsea Handler who doesn't hesitate to trash M didn't have anything negative to say about her regarding the party.

  10. Has anyone heard anything about this?

    Madonna has already done another project in collaboration with Giovanni Bianco, Arianne Phillips and Steven Klein in early February, besides her secret project with Klein filmed/photographed in Argentina in December 2012

    Fake? Real?

  11. I don't believe those quotes by Radar. I think Demi is not sober and probably refusing help, which is likely why her own daughters supposedly don't speak to her right now, yet talk to and meet up with Ashton. Ashton is also good friends (and business partners?) with Guy Oseary, who isn't only M's manager, but also a movie and TV producer, among other things, so it would be odd to exclude him if the party is also thrown by Guy & it is at his place.

    I would not be surprised if all or some of Demi's daughters were at the party as well.

  12. Madonna “Snubbed” Demi Moore, Invited Ashton Kutcher to Party Instead of Actress?

    Truth rating: 0

    Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Madonna Radaronline

    3:42 pm, February 27th, 2013


    Demi Moore was “snubbed” by her good friend Madonna, reports RadarOnline, which says the Material Girl “invited Demi’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, to her annual A-lister Oscar bash, rather than the actress.”

    According to a supposed “source” for the webloid, “Madonna is firmly on side Ashton. She adores him and thinks that out of him and Demi he’s the one with the glittering career.”

    The “glittering career“? Who on earth talks like that in everyday conversation?

    Anyway, the purported “insider” adds that Madonna also “loves having Ashton around as he’s great eye candy he’s funny and he flirts outrageously with her.”

    “In Madonna’s eyes, there’s no competition – when it comes to picking sides Ashton is the obvious winner,” says the alleged source in another made up-sounding quote.

    Here’s what really went on.

    RadarOnline, along with a slew of other blogs, heard that Kutcher went to Madonna’s party, while Moore did not attend the bash.

    The webloid then took that small shred of information and constructed a dramatic narrative around it.

    But the site’s story about Madonna “choosing sides” in the pair’s split is “completely false,” a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.

    Our insider says the real reason Moore didn’t attend the party is because she was “on vacation out of the country on Oscar night.”

    That’s all.

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  13. I bet Britney (who has gone several years), Miley, Kelly Osbourne, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts were there too. I also read that Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Jason Statham (isn't he Guy Ritchie's friend? :lol: Did he ever trash talk M?), Hillary Swank, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Hugh Jackman, Leo Di Caprio, Anne Hathaway, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Richie, & others were there, besides the ones already mentioned elsewhere. Weren't Katy & John Mayer also supposed to be there? I think most of the major stars end up at M's party after they hit up the other parties. I want to hear some stories since there's no press there, some stars seem to go crazy.

    Have any celebs made comments on Twitter?

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