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  1. I love these throwback picture posts. She looks younger than she actually was in that picture.
  2. What did Susan Leonard do on Live To Tell? Didn't Pat say Madonna wrote all the lyrics to that (in one sitting)? Was there a different version on IGTTYAS?
  3. Doesn't the artist have to pay for half and the fan club the other half or some sort of arrangement like that? I think it's a little weird that the artist would have to pay for their own award. Then again, you could say that they sometimes "pay" for other awards anyhow
  4. It's the first comment I've seen of hers What else has she said? I hate how the older comments disappear after a certain amount of comments are posted.
  5. Debi Mazar posted "Bullshit" on M's last picture
  6. Violence or different injustices (like ageism, double standards) against women could be a theme... Rihanna might be in this project, but with her back with Chris though, what does it really say? It sorts of undermines things a bit?
  7. I prefer Animal and Across the Sky over Spanish Lesson & even Dance 2 Nite... I can't believe she was going to put Birthday Song instead of Love Spent on the main MDNA album. Her choices are confusing sometimes.
  8. There was something mentioned in a tabloid years ago, right? Was there ever any confirmation? Her dad currently has cancer? Was there any other mention of that?
  9. I see, I thought it was at her after party where she basically spends most of the night dancing and not really hanging out. She actually attended a pre-Oscar party without getting photographed? She can act bitchy sometimes, but I don't know if this particular story is true, given it's from the Fail. If she did act that way, then it was unnecessary, but if she didn't, it's just another one of the many stories put out by creative writers.
  10. How in the world do all these random people who dislike Madonna hear a conversation in the middle of a massively loud dance floor while she's surrounded by her own people (dancers, kids, celeb friends) and yet are able to decipher all that was said or not said word per word? The Demi diss story was proven to not be true, now there has to be another "mean Madonna" story. I think the tabloids are mad they don't get an invite to a party that's packed with celebs and where the celebs really let loose. Even Chelsea Handler who doesn't hesitate to trash M didn't have anything negative to say about her regarding the party.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about this? Fake? Real?
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