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  1. Yeap , and summer months are traditionally the lowest . The power of Madonna persists
  2. Madonna right now is at her most inspiring . Literally every sour bitch , including "fans " of this disposition is telling her to stop or do it some other way , they're spreading lies , try to re-write history , projecting their most personal fears on her, misunderstanding her work or deliberately misinterpreting it , is talked about with disdain ,disgust and disbelief ALL the time... and she keeps going ! I'm tired just listing these things , I don't know how she does it , she seems superhuman . I need this right now, someone to look up to for perseverance ( and as the song goes , it is
  3. Sounds like an interesting , thought out take on M and Madame X . If some German speaking fellow had the patience and willfulness to translate , please do !
  4. Is there a way to listen to this outside the US ?
  5. Finally caught it on YT , couldn't wait for that hi - res torrent to turn up . Yeah , they could have easily strech it out more , it's for the fans anyway and the fans love to hear about the work .
  6. This is not so easy to access , hope someone puts a high quality torrent up soon , love this stuff
  7. I'm entering aphasia and zombie drooling phase , GIVE IT TO US NOW, Queen
  8. Love this thread , feel it deeply . I was always ready to cut a bitch for M but with the brilliance she's slapping us this era I don't tolerate the smallest rubbish "opinion ", always based on ignorance or personal agenda . She's at a creative peak , all she deserves is love and worship .
  9. I've put him on ignore so was surprised to see now that he hasn't been banned yet . C'mon Admins , rush rush rush on that , people have been banned and suspended for much much less .
  10. Hope it's the album version and hope M & Jonas give us a true American Life moment , go hard this time , no pulling back
  11. It is ! The standard edits. don't exist as far as I'm concerned , not for MDNA ,not for Rebel Heart and def. not for Madame X . They really worked out the sequencing perfectly this time , it's like storytelling , like one song indispensably leads to another
  12. thanks @Nikki That's the sort of print interview we want and deserve !
  13. "I never ever in my life have been addicted to some shit that ain't good for me ... except for alcohol but that may or may not be because I have an alcoholism problem " I mean lipstick X ding dong comment comes close second
  14. that was hilarious , intentionally or otherwise
  15. No idea why you guys think she sounds bad in the Madame X tour rehearsal clip ? Her voice is stronger and she's in control of it
  16. Yes and apparently MDNA is totally on par with Confessions . What do you know !
  17. That review can't make up it's mind but from what I managed to gather it's gonna be one for the ages . Can't overstate how excited I am for this record .
  18. Have a theory Madame 420 showed up at Eurovision as well her body movement was screaming stoned to me (or depressed ) . Now, this wouldn't have passed my mind if Huncho and Mike Dean weren't there...but they were .
  19. Sick & Sleek video , just like the song , they match each other perfectly . Love her dancing and reacting to this trap rhythm , pours herself into the sound , our world renowned chameleon . 2/2 for Madame X , so far !
  20. Yeah , it's like all the little monster bashing of past years has come back to hunt us , the universe is playing a twisted joke of reversal on us There are quite a few posters here whom I really appreciate and seem to get what Madonna is and always has been about but quite a few male a strong case for loosing hope in humanity with their brain farts
  21. I'm sure i'll give them a couple of spins each on my speakers , no more . Hope something more inspired and refined comes along #soon
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