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  1. 1. I love the cheeks. I'd rather have her turn out to be like Cher, plastic wise then have her all wrinkled up. 2. Mercy is ugly
  2. It's funny she liked 14 videos that tagged her haha
  3. she's missing the most essential: THOSE tits
  4. 45] Heidi Klum Geverifieerd ‏ @ heidiklum Wow! #madonna you mesmerized us with your voice, beauty and power!
  5. OMG I love this!!!!!!!!! Its so amazing! Her killing that bitch from like a virgin! her voice is perfect for this
  6. This song is about a movie I directed called W.E. *M waits for applaus* 1 fan: Wooooohooo...
  7. Even her speaking voice is off key...but I love her anyway.
  8. How rude and unprofessional to skip 2 songs.....bitch needs to forget that other people have a hard time scrambling the money together for the tickets...
  9. a friend of mine took this...he was in the pit.
  10. She was on fire last night...arrived around 7 yet still managed to get close to the stage. The audience was very diverse I thought...She started waaaay to late...after 10, and I know people had problems getting home cause she finished after 12, but thankfully we were by car. I loved the show, her energy and she was in good spirits and she looked SO young, unbelievable. Too many highlights to pick one, the only dud was that best friend interlude....borrrrrring. Loved everything else from the show.
  11. Guy is still mentioning GGW is the current single..I mean..hello...that single is DEAD already, cause M is to busy shoving some ugly ass perfume down our throats and that crap clothing line... How to kill a great album...damn..
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