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  1. God Control is everything! The song and video still gives me goosebumps.
  2. I love this song and her voice in this so much. The emotion. The nuances. No one can evoke the way she does. When she sings the following part: “Somebody to teach me to love Somebody to help me rise above” I start to
  3. Madonna truly is the best. I have no words to describe how much I love this woman, her music, her work ethic, her advocacy.
  4. @I Don’t Search I Find giving folks the royal flush
  5. It's also streaming on Youtube right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0Y7ELCUn5o
  6. Will this count towards the Billboard Top 200 albums?
  7. Isn't she doing an Apple Music Remix thing on June 16th?
  8. I totally get your statement about Madonna fans not pre-ordering Madame X because of the tour ticket bundles, but this is a theater tour. Average seats in these theaters are what? 2,000 seats? And even though there are many tour dates happening in cities like NYC and LA, there are TONS of Madonna fans who are not able to attend the Madame X Tour because the theaters are small and intimate. So where are THEIR pre-orders? Where are the pre-orders from the many fans that are NOT going to the Madame X Tour? That's the real question I'm wondering about. Hopefully, we will see more pre-orders happening on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and hopefully a lot of streaming during the release week and beyond on Spotify, Apple, etc.
  9. Perhaps Bruce is ahead in physical pre-orders on U.S. Amazon because his older fanbase prefers physical copies? However, Madonna is right behind him in pre-orders on the U.S. iTunes chart. It looks like streaming is going to determine who pulls ahead during release week. I don't know what Bruce's streaming presence is like, but it would be great if Madonna fans streamed her album like crazy during release week. Cause sadly, all the streams that the released singles (Medellin, I Rise, Future, Crave) have accumulated so far do NOT count towards/are not included in the streams accumulated during the first week of release. So stream, stream, stream during the release week! (And her tour bundle could give her the lead over Bruce)
  10. This is the one from NEW 102.7 FM in NYC: https://new1027.radio.com/blogs/tiana-timmerberg/madonna-opens-motherhood-her-career-and-her-dangerous-cravings
  11. I figured out how to look at the album pre-orders chart on iTunes. Thanks!
  12. How do we access the pre-orders chart? Is there a link you can provide?
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