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  1. 8 minutes ago, johnnyt said:

    The charts don't matter for Madnna. It's all about the tour and legacy. Nobody bags an eye when a new album from U2 or The Rollingstones isn't crazy successful sales wise. It seems as the media loves to compare Madonna to all the pop princesses of the moment and how they are doing on the charts.  Everyone seems to forget that she is MADONNA! As long as she makes music that she is happy wit I'm good! 

    The charts were never important to U2 and The Rolling Stones because they never broke any chart record. Madonna is the queen of charts and mantaining that position is preserving her legacy.

  2. 1 minute ago, MadFan said:

    No offense to whoever made that fan art, and it is lovely, but I find it very odd how in the digital age people just replace covers with random ones of their own.

    This is her vision - this is what she gave you. You take it all. You wouldn't scrawl words in a book that you just thought would flow better. :rotfl: 

    Exactly! This is her art! That's how she wants the world to experience it. 

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