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  1. The ice cream place near my job giving away free ice cream to anyone who walks in . Free pints.
  2. sharon osbourne is just bitter about all the groupies ozzies fucked. she knows they looked better than her. and that jerry o'conelll guy is married to a woman model?? he looks and acts like a fag
  3. howard is a shock jock, so it's expected, but in the end he always defended her(esp. about her adoptions)
  4. i think the whole video will leak. he has endless amounts of video interviews, not just audio, im sure it'll leak at some point. For example, i THINK the sarah michelle gellar video leaked kinda late. i just hope its sooner rather than later
  5. also one of my top ten songs by her ever i even love the video, as do my most of my friends who are only casual madonna fans(for the most part)
  6. i'm the only one who voted virgin tour hair,lol. Can't help it, i used to rent the vhs tape all the time as a kid, it grew on me
  7. shit, it would be one of her best interviews ever!! im listening to him now!
  8. in a restaurant in NYC. i was surprised to hear it considering its not officially released yet. they usually play pretty shit music, so it was even more of a shocker i also heard ghosttown at a radioshack at PABT.
  9. last night my job played living for love, and ghost town!! i was surprised to hear living for love, and just shocked to hear ghost town!! As expected, i was very happy. this job also plays gimmie all your love daily too,lol, and no other madonna besides ray of light sometimes
  10. best song on rol for me, skin a close second. and yes, love the demo as well
  11. do you think holy water will be a dance/faster song, or more ballad like? I would love to know more about this rumored song i'd love if most of these aren't even songs and she's just fucking with us
  12. the camera loves her! like others said, thanks to see them together
  13. incredible is the best song on the album. it took me awhiles to get into hard candy but i love it now incredible and heartbeat are some of her best work in the 2000s for some reason, i can never remember how miles away sounds, dont really car for that song, and not matter how many times i do give it a listen, i forget how it sounds 10 minutes later
  14. and did we really need a thread of howard saying 'i'm not a fan' hahah. and he stood up for madonna bigtime when the media was giving her shit for adopting david, its not like her hates her
  15. howards great, and yea im rude and vile like him,ha madonna is to uptight to go on his show, it would be a great interview though
  16. i love switchblad symphony, but their cover of lucky star is shit
  17. if this song was ever released as a single, im sure it wudda found its way on at least one of her tours.
  18. my favorite song on COTDF, and my fav video, reminds of the dark tower for some reason. Never understood the hate for this video
  19. omg yes!!! i always wanted this book made into a movie. imagine madonna directing this with a smaller budget, not ruined by hollywood, i'd die!
  20. and what an awful title, I don't think she was ever innocent,lol
  21. i saw this years ago when it was aired on vh1 or whatever channel. shit was hilarious and awful. ha, i remember when she was at some audition and she stole the other girls microphone lol
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