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  1. On 12/8/2017 at 2:47 PM, iasonas said:

    It is so interesting that rural areas in the middle of nowhere were so supportive, but some Sydney suburbs just a few miles from downtown voted 70-80% against gay marriage. Basically all the NO vote came from certain Sydney suburbs. Not rural areas or smaller cities that much.

    t just shows you that cultural issues are kind of irrelevant in Australian politics, as they should be. It seems like it is more about class, income, taxes etc.. What do the Australian members have to say about this?

    No, this is actually massively incorrect. I don't think you understand Australian demographics and how they translate in Australian politics. The result was [directly a reflection of cultural issues in Australia. The Sydney suburbs that voted no (and many other No voting electorates) have high proportions of immigrants or "first generation" Australians. Particularly they are of Muslim or Orthodox backgrounds who are way less likely to support marriage equality. These electorates also tend to have a lower socio-economic status. Lower socio-economic electorates are also more likely to vote Labor which is the working class/Union backed party in Australia.

    The electorates that voted yes were more likely to be "white", university educated and wealthier. They also tended to be in Liberal electorates. (This is a bit of a misnomer because the Liberal party are considered the conservative party of Australian politics.)

    The irony here is that the Australian media pushed the view that Labor voters were strongly in support of marriage equality whereas Liberals were seen to want it to fail. This was based on the vocal elements of each party and is the reason why we ended up with a postal vote. During the "campaign" many Liberal politicians were pushing the message that their "conservative" electorates were in favor of traditional marriage including the former PM Tony Abbott (who's electorate returned one of the highest yes votes I believe). Basically both parties were in contrast to what their electorates voted overall.

  2. America/American politics is so fucked it makes Australia looks normal.

    I can't believe there are people defending a pedophile. The govt passes a tax cut for millionaires and billionaires and Republicans support it while lying to the general American public that it will help them. The President constantly lies and even when facts prove him wrong people still support him. I'm actually speechless.

  3. 4 hours ago, ULIZOS said:

    I just saw that the drag queen Bianca del Rio went on a twitter rant calling her cunt and blah blah blah. Obviously everyone is applauding her and giving each other a pat on the back (exactly what I said one page ago that happens). It's why Ann Coulter still has a career. She should be a side note but these people have kept her alive for 15+ years now. 

    Look at people here attacking me just because I said I'm not a lawyer but I don't THINK you can get sued for posting a picture of someone. 

    No one was attacking you. Someone tried to inform you about something that you yourself said you weren't sure about. Simply because you disagree with the response doesn't mean you are being attacked. Seriously this is the same argument Trump supporters use to deflect and justify their ignorance. 

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