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  1. Well, maybe she'll do what she did for the Drowned Worldtour, where she didn't come here, but she STILL gave us an overpriced 2 disc TOUR EDITION of her 'Music' album!!!!!!!!!! THANKS M!!!!!!

    I know some people who bought that, when the opened the cd case, they physcially got slapped in the face by her!!!!!!!!



    It's sad isn't it. I seriously thought we were a sure thing this time. Like 100%.

  2. ^Which should remind some complainers here that she just did a free concert in New York & Paris not to mention doing another one in London. If you are such a "devoted" fan. Than don't be LAZY & what in line to get into a promo show for free!!! You are paying to see the greatest performer in the world. If you don't want to pay the price than DON'T! NO ONE IS MAKING YOU BUY TICKETS FROM THIS SITE! It is an option for those who choose. If you are a fan & want to insure you get a good ticket @ reg price get an ICON membership or d don't claim to be a huge fan & complain about her not catering to her "fans" when you aren't even making an EFFORT to get them at reg price! It's not like you couldn't get one if you wanted to. GEEZ PEOPLE! It's very clear she is going on more tour because of her live nation deal. If you can't see her this time SAVE UP FOR THE NEXT ONE!

    You seriously can't justify this by bringing up the fact she did 2 free 30min shows for what 1000 people? And how can you make a statement claiming that fans aren't even going to the "EFFORT" of getting good tickets? There is so much wrong with that statement I don't know where to begin.

  3. & just go 2 AUSTRALIA!

    but the US is where the money is I guess

    Not true, right now EU is where the money is. The US $ is way down. $1AU = $0.90US or there abouts so she can't use the currency value for not touring Australia as she did with DWT and RIT.

    I'm really shocked there has been no mention of Australia. I really thought after CT and her apology to Australian fans that we were a sure thing this time around. I even thought that's why the tour is timed as it is. I'll stay optimistic for an announcement sometime down the track but I gotta say it isn't looking good. I will definitely be shattered if she passes up on us again.

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