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  1. First impressions - the album kicks ass. It definitely feels like a classic Madonna album. ie. something only she could produce/release. Still need a few more listens to really appreciate the songs but on only one listen this is how I rate:

    Medellín (with Maluma) - 9

    Dark Ballet - 10

    God Control - 10

    Future (ft. Quavo) - 8

    Batuka - 8

    Killers Who Are Partying - 8

    Crave (ft. Swae Lee) - 10

    Crazy - 8

    Come Alive - 7

    Extreme Occident - 8

    Faz Gostoso (ft. Anitta) - 10

    Bitch I’m Loca (ft. Maluma) - 10

    I Don’t Search I Find - 9

    Looking for Mercy - 10

    I Rise - 7

    Bold were the ones I wanted to listen to again first.

    Faz Gostoso and Bitch, I’m Loca are 🔥🔥🔥


  2. 1 hour ago, DanM said:

    I don't like the male voice 😞 it feels more like a feat. Madonna song.

    Yeah I agree. I think he's a bit too prominent and dominates the song overall that she comes across as a feat rather than the main performer. It's not a bad track but the weakest for me so far. Her parts and the music itself are great but I can see why it was a bonus track.


  3. Out of the 3 bonus tracks this one is my favorite!

    At first I was a bit taken aback because I did listen to the demo quite a lot and I actually really like it. After a couple listens though I think the official version is an improvement and definitely a lot more "layered". I love the flute and the kicked up bass. It does sound like the same vocals though which I think she could've have re-recorded or adjusted slightly on some parts. (A bit too high pitched but that's only a minor criticism.)

    10/10 for me. Would've happily had this on the album proper.


  4. Reviews like the Uncut one just serve to remind us that no matter what she releases she’ll always have her haters who’ll dismiss her no matter what. Having a look at their website / reviews they seem more wanky and pretentious than Pitchfork. I didn’t think that was possible. Fuck ‘em. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, articunocc said:

    i was raped man and i think the way she uses the word rape is tacky and tasteless and cringe, she should retire it because having a lukewarm interview on the new york times isn't the same as getting raped... end of

    So her experience wasn't "rapey" enough for you. Seriously fuck off. This isn't even a Madonna issue. Honestly how the fuck do metaphors help rape victims. It's like saying people can't say "killed" in case you know someone who was murdered. Rather than focus on actual victims and their problems lets focus on the insignificant. The "right" wing do it too. You can't use war as a metaphor because its offensive. This shit really fucking irks me.

  6. 17 hours ago, Pera said:

    That said, I think Madonna is overreacting and to publicly shame someone like that is nasty. Maybe she had a bad day, did the label send her numbers for albums presales or something.

    I genuinely liked you back in the day but you have legit turned into a proper fuckhead. This comment alone is the epitome of cognitive dissonance. Fuck off back to the other shore and the riverwide circle jerk.

    Your attempts at being an intellectual are so pathetic I can understand why you're such a miserable human being.

    Before hearing Vogue you probably didn't even know who Bette Davis or Marlene Dietrich were and now you have the audacity to look down on Madonna for not meeting your absurd expectations. Seriously go fuck yourself.

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