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  1. Fuck the haters. Seriously I'm over people finding ANYTHING they can use to complain about.

    "I don't like the red"

    "She's done the matador thing before"

    "The budget isn't big enough"

    "There's no choir"

    "There's too much editing"

    "There's not enough dancing"

    "It's not iconic enough"

    "She's so old why is she using Snapchat"

    "She's trying to hard"

    "She's such an attention whore"

    Blah blah blah.

    This video is pretty fucking awesome and if you don't like it go fuck yourself.

  2. I don't know how anyone could be anything but blown away by this album! I've said it before and I'll say it again - what more could you want??? Some people must have expectations that could never be met.

    The people complaining are the ones who wanted an album consisting mainly of tacky euro dance music. The Avicii sound from 2012 is dated already and the general public knows that, that's why those songs aren't on the charts anymore.

  3. I was apprehensive about this video because the video posted of the directors' previous work seemed a bit lame. Not to mention it's taken me a while to really warm up to the song.

    That said, the video has blown me away completely. (And made me appreciate the song even more!) I can't wait for the Grammy performance! I hope she uses the imagery and moves from the video.

    I want her to stand there, triumphant at the end of the stage while she is showered with roses!!!

  4. People asked whether HC and MDNA got the same response from fans. I can't speak for others but for me personally while I still like those albums (they are Madonna albums afterall) a lot of the songs had to grow on me. There wasn't an immediate connection to the music and only a few songs really stood out as really good. Rebel Heart, pretty much on first listen, every song has kicked ass. There is very little I can fault and the more I listen to it the more I love it. The bonus tracks (tracks 20-25) are the weak point and I haven't really listened to them but the album itself (tracks 1 - 19) the ONLY song I'm not feeling and that I skip is Body Shop. Even that one is tolerable though. I also don't get the hate for the new RH and WAOM versions. They sounds way better and not as tacky and dated. RH itself is a great track and I feel is a perfect closer. Can't speak on the other demos because I never listened to them.

    I also don't get people saying there is no cohesion in the album. I think they album flows great and the songs all work together. The fact I can't identify who produced each song tells me that it is a very cohesive album. Overall the music and production is great. Modern and current. They lyrics are thoughtful, fun and relatable. Her voice is strong and versatile. And the music is catchy. For all of these reason and many more this album is near perfection. I'm completely blown away by it and I feel like there is a very good chance it will rank very highly as one of my favorite albums.

  5. surrender to the pleasure


    when we breathe in together


    its either now or never

    for you

    this feeling will take over

    no sex tape, no camera


    just you and me together


    repeated like a mantra,

    For you

    Im in love.

    I could listen to this part on repeat for the rest of my life.

    YES!! Best Night is my favorite track on the album. I love it so much. The beat is so good and her voice sounds amazing. Such a throw back to the Bedtime Stories era. There is a sexiness to the lyrics. I highly recommend just turning th volume way up and just listening to it on repeat!

  6. People answer me these questions plz.

    Is there lots of strings used on the album?

    Does MADONNA hum at all?

    Does she do different styles of singing to what she has done before?

    Does she talk on the album? Like in Erotica days?

    Would you describe any songs as EUPHORIC? (Example Get Together)

    1. I think there is a good use of strings but they aren't prominent on a lot of the tracks like they are in something like Die Another Day. If there is something that there is a lot of, its BASS. So much bass and it fucking kills it.

    2. She "raps" in a couple songs. Veni Vidi Vici, is mainly spoken rap verses and singing chorus. She name checks old songs. It's awesome and the build up in Nas's verse is ridiculous. She also has another similar vogue style rap in SEX.

    3. Her voice sounds KICK ASS. No crow vocals come to mind from any of the songs. Her voice is a mix of the higher-pitch sound kind of like in Bitch, I'm Madonna and a bit of a return to her deeper Erotica vocals similar to Devil Pray. I also hear Bedtime Story type vocals. In particular on Best Night. It's a kick ass RnB track, kind of Justin Timberlake in style but still definitely Madonna. She also has a few talking parts through out. Think the talking part in Sanctuary and the vocals on JML. Also feels like there are a lot more backing vocals.

    4. Iconic is pretty euphoric and as I mentioned there is a pretty big build up in VVV. For me there is a really great positive vibe that comes from the lyrics and sound of the tracks. I can't really describe it but just listening to the song makes me feel "happy". I think a lot of the tracks are empowering too. Even the sad ones seems to have an overall positive message. So in that sense they feel "euphoric"

    This album really is up with there with her best. It sounds modern and current and youthful. The songs are catchy and make you want to sing a long. There is a great balance between urban/hiphop/dance songs and more easy listening/pop songs. I am totally blown away. If I had to describe it in one word it would be INCREDIBLE.

  7. I think definitely the next single should be Iconic even though my all time favorite track on the album is Best Night.

    For #3 it's so hard to choose. Joan of Arc or HeartBreakCity (both I feel are stronger than Ghosttown) would be great picks.

    But given the quality of this album I think she has so many songs that could be single potential.

    I'd be happy with ANY of the following:

    * Hold Tight

    * Inside Out

    * VVV

    * SEX

    * Rebel Heart

    * Devil Pray

    BTW that's 10 tracks all up! Just shows how good this album is!

  8. I get the feeling their recording session was only meant as a writing session. She did say recently she was more interested in working with his team. Afterall, they only worked together for what, 2 weeks? And never after that? I think she had a clear idea where to go with the album musically once working with other people. She even worked that out further by hiring DJ Dahi and blood diamonds to co produce the tracks.

    People keep trashing Avicci saying Madonna never liked his work, almost half the album are tracks from his session.

    I will give him credit for whatever contribution he made in regard to the writing. Musically though, I'm glad she went in a different direction. I'm not a music person so I don't really know how to explain it properly but the music has a lot of "depth" compared her last few albums. Some people are saying it's over-produced but I disagree. I love hearing the return of the deep bass and the prominent use of background vocals. As I have stated already, for me personally this album is already one of her greatest. I can't get over how good it is. There is very little I can fault on it.

  9. Seriously. Everyone is talking about how much they love all the songs and when we'll finally get the album officially(if she doesn't drop it earlier on itunes), it'll be only like 5 of us being excited discussing it :lmao:

    God give me strengh


    Trust me we'll still be talking about this album in a month. I honestly have a lot of respect for the people not listening to the leak. (Although rumours are that the leak isn't the final product anyway).

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