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  1. I honestly dont really care if she comes here or not, its more important that they are clear and honest up front. Last 2 tours they said she would come so I just waited instead of just going overseas to see her. then they cancel. they need to jsut say "she's not coming, book your flights".

    it woudl be rather awesome for her to start the tour here, but that does mean that we woudl be flooded with visitors (who we love, but we would squeezed out).

    As I've said in other threads, I don't believe she will come. It doesn't really bother me anymore because I just accept she isn't going to bother with Australia. I was hoping to travel again this year, so a tour might be a good excuse to do it. Last time I went O/S was for S&S. Hopefully they just release the entire itinerary straight up to avoid the anguish. More than happy to be proven wrong though.

  2. I have noticed now just how many other women in the public eye are applauding Madonna and complaining about people talking about her age etc. Gretel Killeen and Myf Warhurst - Australian reporters and presenters - have both recently talked about how inspirational Madonna is to all women of every age. Gretel just commented that she can't believe that people are talking about Madonna's fall like - poor Madonna, she is 56. Said she is a trouper, should be admired and age is no issue. Plus so many people are referring to how everyone was looking forward to seeing her at the Brit awards than any other artist. . I predict we will see far more women feeling this way, speaking out and yet again Madonna is changing perceptions. She not only opens the door for so many others, but shatters it right open. Such a Queen of life in every way.

    Sadly I think the women who will benefit most from what she is doing now (ie. women in their 20's) are the ones being the most bitchy about her. I find it amazing how so many females give her crap yet she opened the door for so many of them and continues to do so. Yet they will blindly worship people like Kim Kardashian. I don't think she'll ever get the recognition she truly deserves which truly makes me sad.

  3. You know people make fun of her and call her bad names and all that shit but honestly what the fuck have they done with their pathetic lives? They spend their time hating on a person who's achieved more in 5 mins then they have in their entire lives. If the only satisfaction they get in life is talking shit on the internet then goo on em. Pretty sure Madonna is going to keep being a fucking badass regardless of what some stupid cunt in some pathetic podunk town says about her.

  4. I was surprised to see that old topic raise its head yet again in here, but couldn't resist responding to others' posts (I should have, though!). I think it's inevitable that any discussion of potential destinations is going to include a discussion of Australia, but yes, it would be wise to ignore history in here to keep the thread positive, agreed! :thumbsup:

    No one is being negative at this point. I'm simply pointing out that it is unlikely that she will tour Australia or in fact tour anywhere differently from the last 5 tours. It will be US/EU and maybe S America OR Japan. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong though.

  5. how is the dollar in australia? the economy etc? i hope she breaks this tour in two parts, this year, another next year!

    It has nothing to do with the dollar because during MDNAT the AUD was trading higher than the USD I believe or it was almost at parity. The dollar excuse came about during DWT when it was $1.00AUD/$0.65USD. During RIT it was because the children were too young. During CT it was because we didn't have stadiums to support the "tonnage" of her stage. I don't believe S&S had an excuse, especially since most people expected the second leg to include Australia. She trolled us hard though when she released the itinerary and it was mainly the same markets she toured on the first leg. I believe this was when she gave us the written statement apologising for not coming and that she would definitely come on the next tour. For MDNAT it was because Lola was leaving home and going off to college so she wanted to spend time with her. That time we got the recorded message saying she was sorry but her children come first etc.

    I think the reason she doesn't want to come here is because she'd have to do a lot of shows for the tour to make money like she does in the U.S./EU. Australia is bigger than the entire European continent and only has a few cities really worth playing in. She'd realistically need to spend 2-3 weeks here playing shows and I just don't see that being worth her time sadly.

  6. I find it funny we still debate which cities she will tour. She will tour the same ones she has for the past 5 tours with maybe a few small changes. Unless she tours Australia first I doubt she'll come here. They might pull another MDNAT and "plan" to come but ultimately pull out at the last minute. I can't imagine a second leg either really. She's only done that once and she's said many times she doesn't like being on the road for that long.

  7. Darren Hayes was raving about Madonna on his twitter as well. Calling her Queen and complaining about people saying her outfit was reductive. God love him, such a Madonna fan.

    I love how people who wouldn't have even known the definition of "reductive" had it not been for Madonna try use it in reference to her. Go fuck yourself!!

  8. oh my god :cries:

    okay i've listened once each.

    HOLD TIGHT!!!! could be a single for sure. fucking wonderful. i started to get tears in my eyes half way through. then at the end of the song i started sobbing because i was thinking how fucking good this album is and how it's going to blow everyone away. then joan of arc started and after the first few lines i just lost it :rotfl:

    laying on my head with my headphones on and a pillow over the top of my face crying like a baby!! it hurts to listen to that song.

    then ICONIC! WOWOWOW. soooooooo fucking GOOD! the chorus ICONIC, ICONIC, IRONIC bit with that freaky dark beat in the background omg. it's like the type of production i love! that bit reminds me of Britney. I mean that in a good way! i don't know what song though. this is fucking fantastic.


    I think these three songs are a really good example of what the rest of the album sounds like. If you like these songs then I think you'll like the album!

  9. She really is everyone's whipping boy. The same people who tear her apart for who she is, praise the lesser celebrities for the same thing. She was crucified for SEX, yet here's a Kardashian getting her pussy out and the world thinks its the greatest thing in the world. The same thing will happen in 20 years when Britney et al are getting their freak on in their 50's and 60's and everyone will think it's normal. It's just now while Madonna paves the way that everyone gets all pissy.

  10. ^In all honesty I'm not always crazy about everything she does but it just seems like there is so much nit-picking about the most inconsequential things this time around. People seem to come up with their own unrealistic expectations and when she doesn't do what people want (or expect) her to do, it's like they need to find anything to complain about. And I am so tired with all the complaining about how she "ruined" the demos.

    It's almost comical how so many comments here (and around the internet) compare this album to the "masterpiece" that was COADF. When COADF was released there was SO MANY complaints. It was only appreciated as a "classic" when HC came out.

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