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  1. First article:


    Madonna set to tour Australia

    Madonna is set to tour Australia for the first time in 23 years.

    The pop icon is set to launch her Rebel Heart world tour in Miami in late August before bringing it Down Under early next year, US music bible Billboard reports today.

    “In early 2016, Madonna will take Rebel Heart to Asia and Australia, with those dates expected to be announced by the end of March,” Billboard said.

    The 56-year-old last toured Australia with The Girlie Show in 1993 and has not returned despite promising to bring her critically acclaimed stage shows back in 2006, 2009 and 2012.

    Her return visit to Australia will also see her fans get up close and personal with the star for the first time as Madonna is playing arenas rather than stadiums.

    “She has never played in Southeast Asia, and she hasn't been in Australia or New Zealand in probably 25 years," Live Nation's Global Touring division chairman Arthur Fogel told Billboard.

    "It's kind of bizarre when you think about it, that a superstar like that hasn't been to a pretty regular touring area for 25 years."

    The tour will be Madonna’s fifth partnership with Live Nation's Global Touring division, which has produced more than $1 billion in Boxscore grosses, with 7.8 million tickets sold to 289 shows. She is the top female touring artist in the world.

    The trek is in support of her latest album Rebel Heart, which is released in Australia on Friday and features the lead single Living for Love.

    The album has been shrouded in controversy because of leaks which led to the arrest of Adi Lederman, an aspiring Israeli singer who has been indicted on hacking charges.

    Lederman was arrested in Tel Aviv last month as part of a joint investigation with America's FBI into the hacking scandal, which prompted the pop superstar to release a slew of her new songs early after unfinished copies emerged on the internet.

  2. How great is "Score"?! It's a fun, lighthearted track! This is the song she should've done for the Superbowl!

    I also really like the Pharrell track "Take a Day". It reminds me of the scene in A League of Their Own where she's dancing in the bar.

    I remember she said she wanted to make a "happy" sounding album during MDNA, but for me this album has more happier sounding music.

  3. Let's imagine for a moment that RH is actually going to make it to Australia. Assuming that they'll opt for General Admission for what is almost certainly going to be a stadium tour, what sort of tickets do people plan on buying? Regular General Admission, Gold Reserve (i.e. seated tickets close to the field), Early Entry tickets (General Admission with access to the venue before other General Admission ticket holders), Hot Tickets (seated Gold Reserve with an exclusive tour gift and a lanyard) and Normal Seated tickets are the standard options.

    I'd definitely try go at least twice. Once GA and hopefully get up front if possible, and a second time seating but with a good view to kind of take it all in. I doubt I'd be successful so I'll probably end up sitting in the nose bleeds.

  4. I mean look at Gaga. She did Australia/Asia early on then later cancelled US shows because she couldn't get through the tour. Typical example of why it's better to do the smaller markets later on.

    She couldn't get through the tour because she couldn't sell tickets, not because she was physically drained as was the case for M.

    I think we'll have a repeat of MDNAT as surely we would have heard SOMETHING (re venues) if dates had been locked in already.

  5. Don't care what y'all say but "Nothing Last For Ever" not only should have been on the album it should have been a single. The lead single. Amazing track, so catchy, relatable, I cant stop listening. I thought God is Love was good but this song is so amazong!!! How is it just a demo! I really don't understand her process. The album is great as it is but how does she cast aside a track this good!! I already have an amazing video pictured in my mind.

  6. God Is love had loads of potential. Reminded me of a prince demo from Lovesexy or something. I think pretty much all the demos had potential to be stellar tracks, even the ones that were never give then chance to become something more than a raw recording.

    I'm in love with this track. I've had it on repeat. Even as a demo I'm shocked it didnt make the album. It really is incredible. This whole era has been amazing so far! I really hope it's successful because given the material she truly deserves it!!!

  7. Since I've been listening to the actual album for a while now I decided to check out some of the demos that didn't make the album.


    I can't believe how good the tracks are and they are demos! I wish she releases these somehow because it seems unlikely she'll use them on future albums. They are out now she might aswell make money off them. It's a perfect opportunity to be innovative and do something different as an artist. Obviously most casual fans won't be interested but hardcore fans would and they would pay big money!! Releasing them as "demos" gives her the benefit of having an excuse if they are considered "bad" but honestly most people have said how good they are!

  8. I have to admit rumours suggest that Australia will be on the list time around but the same rumours were around for MDNAT too. Until I see an official announcement I will continue to be skeptical.

    Regarding the preference for a "Greatest Hits" tour for the Aus market, I really don't give a shit. I'd be happy if she performed the entire RH album and that was all!

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