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  1. Not sure if I have seen this yet, but whats your rating out of 10?!

    I was one of the bad people who downloaded the leak a few weeks ago so I have had the opportunity to let the album grow on me. As I keep saying across the forum, this album is overall one of my favorites.

    I can't recall enjoying a new Madonna album this much, this soon for a very long time (if ever). I'm pretty much listening to it all day, every day. So anyway here are my rankings.

    1. Living For Love [9]

    2. Devil Pray [11]

    3. Ghosttown [9]

    4. Unapologetic Bitch [9]

    5. Illuminati [8]

    6. Bitch, I'm Madonna [8]

    7. Hold Tight [10]

    8. Joan of Arc [10]

    9. Iconic [10]

    10. HeartBreakCity [11]

    11. Body Shop [8]

    12. Holy Water [10]

    13. Inside Out [10]

    14. Wash All Over Me [7]

    15. Best Night [11]

    16. Veni, Vedi, Vici [10]

    17. S.E.X. [10]

    18. Messiah [7]

    19. Rebel Heart [9]

    Bonus Tracks

    20. Beautiful Scars [8]

    21. Borrowed Time [8]

    22. Addicted [9]

    23. Graffiti Heart [8]

    If you want to rank the demos:

    24. Queen

    25. Autotune Baby

    26. Alone With You

    27. Trust No Bitch

    28. Heaven

    29. Take a Day

    30. Two Steps Behind

    31. Never Let You Go

    32. Tragic Girl

    33. God Is Love

    34. Freedom

    35. Score

    36. Take it Back

    37. Revolution

    38. Nothing Lasts Forever

    39. Back it Up

    Overall I would rate the album 4.5 out of 5!

  2. Really the only one I think she *might* perform is TAB and if not that perhaps You'll See. Maybe Secret too because it meshes well with the "urban" sound of the new album. I actually think it would sound pretty kickass and compliment Devil Pray a lot.

    I think she might incorporate "Madonna" by Drake somewhere, kind of like how she did with Eurythmics "Here Comes the Rain Again" and "Rain" on S&S. It would mix well with JML maybe for an interlude before "Best Night" and "S.E.X."

    In terms of other hits she might choose (keeping in mind what she has performed on the last few tours) I think we might get:

    * Express Yourself (because it's like a feminist/empowerment song. "Don't go for second best" etc)

    * Hung Up (she seems to like performing it so I think we'll get a new arrangement for it, maybe something with a heavy drum sound)

    * Holiday or Music (But probably not both)

    * Borderline or Crazy for You (Just to give the fans a little something)

    * La Isla Bonita (Might work with a Matador/Spanish theme, particularly a slower version closer to the original. I don't think the Diplo dub plate really matters as I think she chooses songs based on themes more than anything else)

    * Candy Shop or Miles Away (Just because I know she likes to troll us with random "hits")

    I dont know about Vogue. I imagine she'd be like "But I sing a few lines of it in Holy Water. Isn't THAT enough?!" ( :queenbitch: ) But the 2 Asian girls with her seem to be big into vogueing so that might be influential in having it on tour.

    That's my thoughts. I'm happy for her to do a bulk of RH, but I do hope we get some great old tracks that we really haven't heard too many times during the last few tours. (Seriously if that's what you want to hear go watch the old tours on youtube.)

  3. Regarding the "cohesiveness" of the album, I think there are two very distinct themes - Rebel and Heart and I don't see why fans and critics are making such a big issue about it. Musically I think it is very "cohesive" so meh.

    In terms of reviews though, she NEVER gets unanimous praise. Every album she releases gets mixed reviews and even the good ones are generally filled with backhanded compliments. Her albums only get true respect years after the fact, hence why she's never been a darling of the Grammy's. (For example Rolling Stone rating LAP 3 out of 5 when it was originally released but now they rank it "4 out of 5" and its a "pop classic")

  4. I would to see something where the entire video is one giant take (like birdman) but she's walking through in the middle of a battle (set in medieval times)

    Also during the bridge she gets hit by a sword and instead of blood she's bleeding roses!

    Something along those lines

    I had a similar thought recently. I pictured her being hit by arrows though and instead of a wound, a bunch of flowers grow on her. I have a feeling I've seen something like this in a movie maybe but can't place it. Since the video for LFL a(nd the Matador theme) I associate flowers/roses and the colour red with the album.

  5. SEX is not a joke song so please stop saying it is or the only way to accept it, is if it is a joke. Or her humor.

    If you listen to the bridge on the demo, she means it. As she should.

    Well it really doesn't matter what the demo sounds like because it was never intended to be released and ultimately isn't her final "vision" of the song. And while I don't necessarily think it is a "joke" song, I definitely see a humorous aspect to it or at least a bit of tongue firmly planted in cheek, particularly during the "rap" portion.

  6. Waaaaaaay too early for this!!! I refrain from making such lists already because I know I can't judge objectively yet!!!

    BUT I definitely feel that this one is something very, very special. I haven't been that blown away from a M album on the first listen since Confessions. And it just invites me to listen to it again and again because I feel like there's still so many things to discover.

    So yeah, Top 5 is likely this time around!

    Now excuse me while I go back listening to it again :dramatic:

    I definitely agree! Don't get me wrong I love all her albums but the last couple took a while for me to warm up to and I don't particularly listen it them that often. (I prefer the live versions of the songs from HC and MDNA so I tend to listen to them instead of the actual albums.) with RH every single song just kicked ass for me. There's not one song I don't like. I pretty much listen to the album from start to finish every single time.
  7. With the benefit of listening to the album for the past 3/4 weeks it's easily top 3. Out of the 19 tracks on the deluxe album I can't pick a bad track and that's pretty impressive. Every single song kicks ass and I can listen to this album straight through without skipping anything. For me it is some of her best work. Love the album, love the era.

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