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  1. No. She won't be able to overtake S&S because that had two seperate legs but she might get close to MDNAT. From what I've read though tickets aren't selling as much as previous tours likely due to market saturation.

    The Australia dollar has lost 25% of its value (against the USD) since MDNAT and is trading around 0.75-77/1.00. Had she come a couple years ago she would have easily made more money because the Australian dollar was trading above parity.

    Also it says a lot about the state of journalism in Australia when newspapers get their articles/info from Madonna message boards.

  2. Chel Toorak is inner city so like a 20 mins tram/metro ride from the CBD if that. Prahran/Toorak are good shopping/dining districts and are easily accessible. If she plays an arena in Melbourne I would assume it would be Rod Laver. Excited as fuck about a "winery" show. The Rolling Stones did hanging rock recently and it was pretty good apparently. I think they are more festival like.

  3. Unless you think she is going to tour for an entire year I don't think South America/Asia/Australia will all get the tour. It seems like SA is a go ahead, moving the Peurto Rico dates makes me think it was a logistical thing rather than the need for more rehearsal time. I think it will be between Asia and Australia on where she finishes and I'm leaning towards Asia. Another thing to consider is if Australia was earmarked for Feb and now has to be pushed back the venues she needs may no longer be available. Anyway this is all speculation. I really don't want to think about the what will happen if she cancels Australia AGAIN.

  4. I wonder if some of the love for Rebel Heart is due to it (and WAOM) being the first new music we'd heard from her since MDNA? Generally the first track we'd hear would be the first single and we'd have months of listening to it before the actual album would come out. This time around the RH demo came first and everyone listened to that instead.

    Petitions and stuff like this seem like a bit of overkill though. May as well go and start one for her to release Love Spent.

  5. I was asking people who listened to the demos AFTER the album came out. Didn't mean for this to be a shit fight over which version of the songs were better because isn't that all personal opinion.

    And I always find it dubious when people make claims like "if she released *this* song it would've been a massive smash." Weren't people running around saying that about LFL? And didn't people say the exact opposite for HU? (It's too "gay" it's too disco the abba sample is too prominent etc)

    Anyway we were very lucky to have so much material this time around. Unfortunately not with her blessing. Ultimately though I'm more than happy with the album we got and it's still top 3 for me!

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