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  1. I didnt read it as him taking a swipe at transgendered people. I think he was just highlighting how at 60 something Jenner was celebrated for being sexy but Madonna gets shit thrown at her. It was just highlighting the double standard but as madonna fans I think we already know there are different rules when it comes to anything she does and people just hate for the sake of it.

  2. Yes, I also feel the love and respect to Madonna from all of the stars who made cameos.

    Napoleon, wash your mouth out with water. They are sock Bitches not sock puppets. :lmao: Just joking Napoleon, you can call them what you want but I do have a soft spot for Sock Bitch - way back when Sock Bitch was just a random but fun character. :laugh:

    Me too. Love all the pink - so fun and also another colour that really suits Madonna a lot. Her eyes look incredible in this video as well.

    Haha after watching on my laptop (watched on my phone before) and multiple re-watches I've come around to the sock bitches. And yes her eyes/face looks incredible.

    Seriously I LOVE this video. I've watched it so many times already. It kicks so much ass. It's just so fun and happy and I hope it blows up. So many cool scenes. Davids dancing is pretty cool and I love how proud she is of her kids!

    The cameos were alright. I'd love to see a remix video with even more "cameos." Just celebrities filming themselves singing/dancing to the song.

    Seriously fuck the haters.

  3. I still think that the newspapers would not print something from just looking at a post from an unknown person at a forum. They could quote him but would have to also have some inside knowledge themselves. So personally, I think there is some truth in everything he said but plans could change a bit or dates be incorrect. Let's wait and see and don't panic yet.

    Yeah let's hope so!! I don't even need exact dates right now. Even just some kind of acknowledgement that dates are still being planned out or something. Anything from an official source!!

  4. I thought he'd posted some other accurate info regarding the tour hence why he was reliable? Perhaps we were just desperate to want to believe him. And yeah the newspapers definitely got their info from here. The write ups were basically word for word of what ipex stated.

    Anyway what the fuck is it with people saying they are an "insider" like fuck don't you have anything better to do with your life? So sad. But this "andifeel" could be talking shit too. Conveniently waited after the 9th to be like "oh nah that ipex dude is talking shit". Why didn't the cunt say something earlier if he is such an insider.

    Oh well. We just continue to wait I suppose. Not like we aren't used it by now! Hahah

  5. I think it says a lot when people were like "Who's Nas?"

    Also there is a difference between:

    "I like the demo version of this track, I'm glad I have the opportunity to listen to it."


    "OMG she ruined the album the demos were so much better. I don't know why people like the album as it is. Everyone knows the demos are better. You're just stupid if you think that shitty album versions are better than the demos. FACT! Fuck black people music! Demos!! Wahhhhhhhh!!!"

  6. I think it comes down to the simple fact that most Madonna fans (particularly over a certain age) don't like "urban" music. Hence the constant argument about the demos being better as they are more traditionally "dance-pop" sounding.

    Seriously it's getting tiring either being told or having it implied that somehow I'm mistaken for liking the album. I don't care if you like the demos better, I don't care if you think it has too many tracks, I don't care if you think the sequencing is wrong, I don't care if you think there are too many rappers.

    I don't know why people find it so hard to accept the fact that people like the album as it is.

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