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  1. If I have to be objective, her best album is


    You have SocialCommentaryDonna on PDP.

    You have HopelessRomanticDonna on OYH.

    You have MovieDonna on White Heat.

    You have BalladDonna on LTT.

    You have PartyDonna on WTP.

    You have CherishPreCherishDonna on TB.

    You have LatinDonna on LIB.

    You have INeedABoyfriendDonna on Jimmy Jimmy. :inlove:

    You have PreachAnImportantMessageThroughADanceSongDonna on LMTWGR.

    You make very valid points! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  2. Not that anyone cares but I've been listening to it all week since the tour announcement for AUS/NZ and the BIM video. Seriously it is such a fucking awesome album. There is so much on there I don't know how you can get bored. Right now I'm rocking BIM/DP/BN/HW/Iconic/Sex. The cover is iconic as fuck and I'm so keen she is bringing this album on tour to AUS.

    All these cunts talking shit about how embarrassing she is and how she is old and needs to put it away seriously eat a fucking dick. Do you know what Barbara Streisand was doing when she was 56?? (In 1998 BTW I googled it.) She was singing duets with Vince Gill. Is that really want you want from Madonna? No hate to Barbara but give me BIM any day!

    Let's also not forget that even after 30 fucking years who do the new girls STILL get compared to. So many have come and gone in the time she popped up on the scene but they are ALWAYS compared to her. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy etc don't get compared to Britney or Christina or Janet or Mariah (BTW what are Cyndi and Belinda up to nowadays?) they still get compared to Madonna. Half of them won't even be around in 5 years when she is being compared to the next round of new girls.

    Anyway cheers to Rebel Heart. The second greatest album she's released (Fuck what the haters say)!

    (BS is #1 if anyone is wondering.)

  3. Meh. Ranks toward the bottom personally. Some good tracks but it's not an album I listen to often. I never understood the adoration for the title track or it's video for that matter. Frozen is a great song and NRM was also a favorite. After Evita though I feel her voice changed and ROL was the start of that. She's seemed to sing "higher" but I've always loved her deeper voice. I think she's reverted slightly back to her original "sound" with RH hence why I probably love the album so much.

    To sum up, it's a good album (it's Madonna afterall) but I wouldn't rate it as her best.

    On a side note I've always wondered if it would be held so highly if the critics didn't give it such rave reviews? I mean it seems to be the only album where she's really had everyone on board, but consider how many of her older albums got trashed yet now appear in "Greatest ofs" lists?

  4. Imagine she kicks around Aus for a holiday after the tour!?! Spends a couple months seeing the sights? LOL That's be pretty cool!! If you're going to take a break from shit Aus is a pretty good place to do it.

    I think we might get 5 Melbourne/Sydney dates and maybe one more Brisbane date? Still waiting on a winery show though.

  5. Don't write LDLHA off! Just listen to her voice, her emotion. The lyrics, the build up at 1:37!! It's got a great RnB vibe that sounds awesome when you listen to it with RH. Seriously it could be this tours LAV/LS moment. The original LAV version I think is better than the video version. Seriously I never really paid it much attention until RH!

  6. Have a different view from most. Been to so many concerts ( other artists ) and the biggest hits of their careers are the ones that set the place alight and create an incredible atmosphere. So I personally think that Vogue, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Holiday, Into the Groove, Music and Hung Up should always be played. They are the songs that everyone knows and I mean everyone. Regardless if diehard fans like it or not, casual fans help make the atmosphere. They pay big money to see a legend and want to hear these songs. After those big hits, then Madonna can pick whatever she wants and everyone should be happy. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I have ever heard fans of other artists complain about hearing massive hits on tours regardless if they are played on other tours. Not sure why Madonna fans do it.

    Those are definitely big tracks and I think she should play some of them BUT I'd also like to hear some other big tracks. WTG was huge back in the day and Holiday she hasn't played forever. Causing a Commotion was also just as big I believe (#2 same as EY). Borderline and CFY have been longtime fan favourites she hasn't played a lot. I would be happy for her to retire Vogue or LAP for one of those tracks!

  7. I said AGES ago that LDLHA sounds great with the RH tracks. I bumped the thread in the general Madonna forum. It's the one about listening to BS. Id love to hear it in a ballad section. LOVE/ROMANCE really seems to be a big theme. (Something else I mentioed earlier) I'm getting excited!!! MDNA seemed to be very "dark" in terms of themes, RHT might be the opposite!!

  8. It seems like the odd album out as it never got a "proper" tour. Even I'm Breathless had tracks make it on BA! She's even hit up the Evita soundtrack more!!

    Inside of Me

    Forbidden Love

    Love Tried To Welcome Me


    ..all kick ass tracks!!

    Call me silly but you know what other song really fits in with RH? Love Don't Live Here Anymore. I've never really ahd a thing for this track but listening to how she sings it with so much emotion and to know this came out on LAV it's really strange how she was never considered a "vocalist."

    Called it. In response to her latest Instagram. Anyone?

  9. i want to know wether there are certain amounts of tickets put aside for each presale??

    I think there is. I think they allocate "blocks" of tickets for pre-sales and whatever is not sold just gets added with the rest of the remaining tickets for the general public sale. Pretty sure they set aside "good" tickets for each sale.

  10. shouldn't all the presale tix be sold out by now? its australia

    I'm not sure how many people had access to it. I think the Telstra presale (next week) will be huge and then obviously when they go on sale to general public. Tickets/prices were announced just yesterday so it's possible a lot of people weren't prepared. It will be interesting to see how it sells.

  11. If I recall for the Girlie Show she played Sydney first and then went on to other cities before coming back and finishing in Sydney. It'll be tough to know exactly when and where she'll add additional dates which is annoying.

    I'm hoping to score some Gold tickets from the Telstra pre-sale for the announced dates and then hopefully try score a really good ticket for one of the (hopefully) unannounced shows.

    If ipex was right too (and apologies to him if he was genuine) then there's still potentially a winery show to be announced??

  12. A bit of a buzz. Still a lot of people bitching they aren't going because they waited too long. Like seriously no one gives a fuck if you don't go. A few stories about ticket pricing. Most articles imply the $2,000 VIP package is the actual average ticket price for good seats.

    The comments on her FB are so fucking dumb though. Seriously she has some lame ass fans. I also love when cunts complain about her but then try say they are long time fans eg "I've been a diehard fan since the 80's but she hasn't had good music in a decade. Nothing beats her classics like Lucky Stars, Burn Up or In The Groove!!!" I sit there thinking are you fucking serious!?!??

    Anyone looks like the media are trying to pre-empt anyone thinking it's going to be a greatest hits tour. Most articles refer to her playing mainly new stuff.


  13. I have no idea what to do. By the looks of it no one I know will pay $500 for a ticket and I can't afford to buy 2 and take someone with me. I also have to wait for Telstra presale anyway so I wont be able to buy tickets this week.

    My goal is to buy one really "good" ticket and then a cheaper one for the second night.

    BUT it is very likely she'll add more dates considering the length of time between cities. Does anyone know if these will be added during the pre-sale or once ticekts go on sale to general public? Because I might wait it out and try score a "good" tickets for unannounced dates?!??!

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