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  1. The crow voice is also impacted by her speech. Her effort to sound more "worldly" during the past few years, in particular while she was living in the UK full time, changed her pronunciation. (And gave her that quasi-English accent). In particular her O's and A's sound harsher. A good example is in LFL. The sound is more "living for laaaaaaaarve" instead of "living for luuuuuuuurve". Compared how she used to sing the word "love" on older tracks and I'll think you'll notice. RH has been a slight return to her "older" voice and I don't know if that's because she's back living in NY full time and she's losing the "British" influence.

  2. I could only pull up platinum floor tickets around the heart stage for Melbourne. Nothing near the main stage. Platinum were towards the back of the first level elevated seating. For gold tickets I could only pull up rear view of the elevated seating or right at the back of the second level roughly middle of the arena. Silver came up single tickets available pretty much straight away and then allocation exhausted.

    You can still pull up platinum for Melbourne but they seem pretty shitty tickets hence why I'm kind of stressed.

  3. Buying 2 tickets so platinum were going to stretch the budget this week. I would've bought some if I got really good tickets but could only pull up pretty average ones quite far back. Didn't seem worth it. Gold are a bit crap too and the silver sold out straight away.

    Plan now is to hopefully go platinum tickets on the general sale and hope that better tickets are available otherwise I'll just get what I can sadly.

    I'll try telstra again later on and see if anything differnet comes up! Keep you guys posted!

  4. I'm not too worried - I'm just butting heads with people who want her to scrap the massive hits in favour of less well-known ones :)

    I'll love whatever she does, but Australian audiences are really demanding and the media will rip her to shreds if they perceive that she hasn't played enough classics (but again, that won't affect my enjoyment of the show). I saw Cyndi Lauper last year during her "She's So Unusual" 30th Anniversary tour and had to endure a woman next to me screaming "Play Troo Calahs!!! at the end of every song! After a show full of "She's So Unusual" and a few other big hits from her career, this woman (and others) complained that she played too many album tracks (that was kind of the point of the tour...!). Oh well.

    I mentioned it already, but I noticed a lot of the Aus articles about her tour annoucement made a point that she is known for not playing traditional "greatest hits" tours! I have a feeling that (most?) people are aware.

  5. It's my #1 ALL TIME favorite album...It was mad love at first listen...no other album by Madonna has ever drowned my mind and soul from the opening track to the closing track in absolute joy and sorrow like Rebel Heart...I laugh, I cry and other times the album tracks makes me jump up and down and dance like a maniac...She truly is thee Greatest Artist to ever grace the music world...

    Like Napoleon said, every new starlet is compared to Madonna, then and now...and further more every country and/in every genre of music has their "Madonna" (the Madonna of country music, the Madonna of Rap, the Madonna of Hip Hop, the Madonna of Folk music...the German "Madonna", the Indian "Madonna", the Egyptian "Madonna", etc. etc.) Every genre and/in every country...It's ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS only MADONNA!!!

    I fucking LOVE MADONNA.


  6. I don't know what to say. I thought I would die many many years from now and always have held Ray Of Light to be the best album in my life. And then this. It's the best thing I've ever heard. Start to end. No filler. Just full of perfection. She could have retired after ROL and still been the undisputed queen for eternity. The fact she is still coming out with this kind of masterpiece is just astounding.

    Fuck yeah! I came. I saw. I conquered.

  7. The tour isn't just in Australia. I don't see why one country gets to determine the setlist. And isn't the some time between when the tour ends in Europe to when she goes to Australia. She could possibly switch out one or two songs and replace them with bigger hits for Australia.

    Shush. Yes it is. Australia all the way or GTFO.

  8. I was talking to a friend who was considering tickets. Not a major fan but appreciates the classics. She was aware that the show wouldn't be a "greatest hits" tour. She was questioning the price so it's likely she skips it, but I think the general (aus) population are aware this isn't going to be Blonde Ambition 2016. (On a side note isnt it funny how people in '93 bitched about how she didnt sing the hits but are like I wish she sings erotica tracks this time. Whatever.

  9. Napoleon, Rebel Heart is now my favourite album. Has it all to me. Beautiful ballads, great pop songs, seductive grooves, great dance songs and the songs on the Deluxe version blow me away as well. I love the variety of it all. Plus some of the most beautiful bridges Madonna has recorded. I always adore her wonderful bridges and there are so many on Rebel Heart. Considering how much I adore Madonna's past albums, this is some album indeed.

    YES!!! Someone else who gets it!!! It kicks so much ass. Even after all this time I'm still not bored of it! If anything I'm loving the track even more!

    Bless yourself and genuflect!!

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