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  1. Something like a one off 10 part series on Netflix about the tour would be pretty cool. Like an extended TOD/IGTTYAS. the ship has probably sailed but if it was more about the technical aspects of putting on the show that would be pretty cool. The mini docs that came out about MDNAT were awesome. There was the dancer workshop one. The TAIT one and I think the moment factory one.

    And imagine if there were scandals like the ones she faced for MDNAT. That it itself would be fairly interesting.

    I'm not here for a Kardashian style show though just following her around day to day. I think she's above that.

  2. I use Apple Music. Its a mess right now because it just started, but having an iPhone + Macbook, its very easy. All the music I get from Apple Music is synchronized with the music I already have and bought. If I really enjoy an album and have a need to support the artist. I'll usually buy both the vinyl and the CD. Then I'll rip the CD and have good copies of it digitally. This is what has always worked for me. A subscription service + physical music that I really enjoy.

    I tried Tidal, and for me, it was way too over hyped. No better or worse than Spotify. But that's just my .02.

    I had/have several issues with Apple music. Firstly the playback was pretty shitty. Some tracks just refused to play and there was a noticeable 3-4 second buffering when a new track would play. (On spotty it will play instantly). I found it messy that it mixed up my paid for iTunes music with my "cloud" music. It wasn't very clear which sings I had available for offline listening and which were cloud. I also found the "store" confusing and not user friendly because I wasn't sure if I was looking at streaming stuff or stuff to buy separately. It seemed to switch between the two. People only like it because it's "Apple". Tidal was better but still spotty works great so I do t see a reason to switch.

    Btw I'm not an Apple hater either. I'm dedicated Mac iPhone and iPad user but Apple music just sucks ass.

  3. I would've used TIDAL but they don't have a desktop app and the web browser version sucks ass. Plus I wasn't going to install Chrome just so I could get HI-FI streaming. It seemed liked too much effort. The mobile app wasn't as user friendly as Spotify either. The cost really didn't bother me. Overall it cost about the same as a CD/album so I didn't see the big deal.

    Side note Apple Music is even worse. Just shows how fucking stupid and gullible people are that they laud it as some revolutionary concept. I'm sticking with Spotify for the forseeable future.

  4. The same old line, "Her new stuff isn't as good as her old stuff" or "She's too old now" so fucking tiring. No one says that about AC/DC or The Rolling Stones. This is the first time in 23 years shes coming to Australia, and her tickets while expensive are still cheaper than the Stones last tour. When she arrives here these so called "journalists" will give their left nutsack to get with 10m of her. Seriously a bunch of negative and bitter losers with sad miserable lives.

  5. Everyone agrees on Prince and Michael Jackson, even if no one really listens to their work past 1996. But there’s no such consensus on Madonna, a divisive figure even at the best of times. Maybe “pop” doesn’t do her justice.

    She's been more successful then both of them yet somehow they get more respect and praise. I fucking hate that so much. She never gets the credit she deserves. Even when she does get a compliment it's always backhanded followed by some inane put down.

  6. Very concerned about Best Night :(

    I agree I'm concerned but if I don't get Best Night I will demand a refund.

    I envision it already. She'll start it on the main stage and walk down toward the heart stage during the first verse. It'll be reminiscent of Je T'aime at L'Olympia / Love Spent at MDNAT. She'll be sexed up, dance flirting with her dancer lover while her back up dancers perform the same moves further up of the little wing stages of the catwalk.

    How could she omit a song with the lyrics "I'll make this the best night of your life" at her first concerts in Australia in 23 years!!!! It HAS to be there!!

    Other songs I'm concered about:



    Holy Water (Although she did mention it in the Nun insta post.)

  7. The crow voice is also impacted by her speech. Her effort to sound more "worldly" during the past few years, in particular while she was living in the UK full time, changed her pronunciation. (And gave her that quasi-English accent). In particular her O's and A's sound harsher. A good example is in LFL. The sound is more "living for laaaaaaaarve" instead of "living for luuuuuuuurve". Compared how she used to sing the word "love" on older tracks and I'll think you'll notice. RH has been a slight return to her "older" voice and I don't know if that's because she's back living in NY full time and she's losing the "British" influence.

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