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  1. The media in the UK (and all over Europe in fact) are playing a nasty game of blaming immigration and poor people on benefit for everything that is wrong, the same media owned by nasty populist billionaires who are part of the people who fucked the economy for their own benefit plunging the world into chaos. Everytime we went through an economic crisis, populism won, that's what happenned in the 1920's and before WWII.

    I was shocked at that program on Channel Five last winter http://www.channel5.com/show/the-great-british-benefits-handout

    It was insuinating that poor people were poor because they did not know how to handle money and they were living large on the back of other brits.

    We don't have that kind of programs here, not as in your face as this one but the undertone of many tv programs and papers are quite similar.

    Everything is done to not point the blame on the real fuckers (that's why they all own a media empire).

    Wait if British (and world economy) will suffer due to a Brexit why would the people who have the most invested in the financial markets support the "leave"?

  2. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. You only had to look at the thinly-veiled discussion going on in this thread to see what the very real issue was.

    Honestly I'm not trying to be cunt Kim. I actually really like your posts and the point of view you bring. I'm honestly trying to discuss this as sensibly as possible. I don't buy that this was purely an immigration issue. I don't buy that this was a scare campaign about foreigners stealing jobs. Honestly I think it runs deeper than this. And it won't be surprising when other countries follow the lead and leave as well. The idea of an EU is great. The execution doesn't really seem to be living up to people's expectations. similar to the problem of communism/socialism.

  3. People should be asking why the majority of people wanted out of the EU right now.

    In theory it might sound great but clearly people are unhappy with how it's being managed.

    And before anyone blames the media and the scare campaigns, everyone was mocking them when it was expected the stay vote would win. Pleas don't start trying to tell me how effective they were.

  4. As I stated it really didn't phase me what the turn out of the vote was. I'm not even British. Ultimately people will still have confidence in the UK and in the Pound. This idea that the UK will become the leper of the financial world is a joke. I'm not here for hyperbole. While I can recognize it may disappoint some (but clearly not the majority) this isn't the apocalypse.

  5. All you so concerned about the economy the same ones that blame capitalism for all of your problems. I have no time for this fuckery.

    The UK will survive fine after all of this bullshit. The world still recognizes the Pound as one of the key currencies of the world. All of this talk about the pound losing value and the stock market really only applies to limited people. I think it's probably worse for foreigners than it is the British if anything. You think old mate in Bristol with 0 investments is really going to feel anything?

    For me either result was really not going to phase me. I really don't know why people are losing their shit about things. You need to remember the UK (whether you like it or not) still has the Commonwealth that it can rely on!


  6. Britain isn't the only country painted as "evil" for not taking in refugees. It's a massive issue in Australia and in many other "western" countries too.

    While I recognize that "rich" countries should be taking on the burden of these people (especially considering it's in large part due to their actions that this problem exists in the first place) I personally don't feel that continually accepting refugees is the answer. For me I don't see how that addresses and solves the root cause of why these people have to leave their homelands in the first place. Obviously in the short term accepting them provides them safety but what about those who don't have the capacity to leave? Do we just forget about them? Also what happens to their homelands as they leave? How is change achieved? Should we withdraw military action and simply allow groups like ISIS to grow bigger and hope they don't invade other neighboring countries? Or do we increase military intervention and risk even more resentment from the locals which gives groups like ISIS even more influence? People and the media then blame Islam for all of it which has the snowball effect of encouraging "homegrown" terrorists who feel an obligation to "defend" their religion. It's honestly a clusterfuck no matter how you look at it.

  7. To me it sounds like the biggest argument to stay is the economic one. That the UK benefits by having access to the European markets etc? But Australia for example isn't part of any union and they still access to the Asia Pacific markets (among many others) via trade deals etc. Unless the EU was to purposefully block any trade with the UK (which I don't think would benefit them much) then I can't see why that should be a deciding factor to remain in the EU.

  8. There were some economic arguments for the Scottish leaving the UK including profits from North Sea oil so yes, it's all about the right to govern one's own country and manage one's own taxes without interference from another country so yes, many parallels. But yes if the UK did leave the EU Scotland could well push for independence again. However, I think if the UK leaves, Scotland would have to reapply to join the EU as technically they will have left too. It's a right mess but I think we will remain.

    Leave is starting to look a right mess.

    It seems strange to me then that the people who supported Scottish independence don't support the UK leaving the EU?

  9. Are there any parrellels between the UK leaving the EU and the recent vote for Scotland to leave the UK? Are any of the arguments to leave or stay the same? Any if the UK do leave the EU does that mean Scotland will vote for independence again to decide if they would rather be part of the EU as opposed to the UK?

  10. From the various clips and pictures I've seen the tour looks pretty good.

    My only two negatives would be the samurai act seems a bit out of place compared to the rest of the show and Candy Shop again? Really?! It wasn't even a single?! It's not a bad song but it's been on the past two tours. It's just overkill.

    Everything else looks pretty fucking awesome. The flapper girl act looks cool and I can't believe she's singing so many old songs. Seriously cant wait until MarcH!

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