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  1. 20 hours ago, zephyralexxx said:

    ...and I have always felt this like a happy and sad song in the same time. especially the opening lyrics:

    I took a pill and had a dream
    I went back to my 17 year
    Allowed myself to be naive
    To be someone I've never been
    I took a sip and had a dream
    And I woke up in Medellín
    The sun was caressing my skin

    Another me could now begin...


    LOVE this picture of them!!!


  2. 46 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    "and many others"....  :lmao:

    Why do folks always act like a bunch of others out there share their opinion? I haven't come across a single fan who thinks this song (or video) is "noise".  :lmao:

    If anything, this song and video are probably the most universally praised thing from the fanbase regarding this album.

    I could understand God Control not being someone's favorite, but to call it noise? That's a major reach!!!

  3. 2 hours ago, Cherishisword said:

    no it is not. It is tiered and overproduced. It worked very well on Impressive instant (one my fave Madonna songs)but this god control is just overproduced noise that had potental just like the video..but is over literal (video) and full of noise and everything (song).


    there are 100 times better songs on that album like extreme Occident, killers and IDSIF


    GOD Control is... well, GODLY.

    The best song on THAT album by far!

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