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  1. 2 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    But on the other hand we've seen this happening in books, especially children books. Enid Blyton books have paragraphs removed and changed. Then again, it's for children, so maybe it's understandable.

    Oh, I ESPECIALLY hate that :lol:

    The original text should remain in tact & the teacher/ parent can explain the significance. Or just use a different book entirely.


    This reminds me of a time in High School when we watched Philadelphia and our teacher wanted to fast-forward the scene with Denzel in the kitchen, making homophobic remarks about Tom Hanks. I was THE openly gay person in class & I asked “Why skip it!?“ -A major theme of the movie is that Denzel overcomes his initial prejudice, so we SHOULD see and hear it.

  2. 4 hours ago, karbatal said:

    I think it's not harmful to explain something at the beginning.


    I think it’s unnecessary & LATE 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Anyone watching the movie will understand the racism in a historical context. If they don’t, they can look it up.

    & where do we draw the line exactly? Will they add a disclaimer to the beginning of Last Tango In Paris for that ‘butter scene?” Will they add a warning to Saturday Night Fever since John Travolta refers to his fellow New Yorkers as ‘spics’ & ‘N*****s?’

  3. On 6/11/2020 at 4:42 PM, eroticerotic said:

    it is out of touch when celebrities do this. They come across as pandering to me, or like they are afraid of being cancelled for saying the wrong thing so they just go, "ok lets do this to avoid problems" ---which to me is a real problem, ....there is a sincerity, a connection, that I just don't see. It's a nice gesture, but where was all this energy before? The issue is nothing new. Let me not get started on Nancy Pelosi and crew wearing African scarves instead of having called for police reform decades ago. Like...what are you doing sweetie? 🙄



    My thoughts exactly  :lol:


    I understand by the concept of "being an ally" BUT THIS AINT IT! Just DO IT, don't give me a black & white montage.

  4. 4 hours ago, Andgon144 said:

    This is why Jk rowling is saying that sex is a biological fact.

    Now, I will agree with you there (I don't think any logical person is denying that). Terms like cis- exist because there is such a thing as biology.


    Ultimately though, what is your concern? That people shouldn't transition at all? That people are transitioning too early? If you're implying that gay kids can be "brainwashed" into thinking that they are trans, let me ask if YOUR parents could have "convinced" you to live & identify as the opposite sex? I'm actually NOT being a smart ass, I just need clarity.

  5. You know what? I'll go down the rabbit hole with you @Andgon144


    6 hours ago, Andgon144 said:

     "An entire generation of gender non-conforming children that may have otherwise grown up gay are going to grow up to be brain damaged, weakened eunuchs with a medical malpractice lawyer on retainer." 



    "There are consistent findings that gender non conforming kids-boys who prefer traditionally feminine activities and girls who prefer climbing trees and playing with trucks will often go on to become generally healthy gay and lesbian people as adults and sometimes even straight."


    "I would think that ultimately, we'd want kids to be comfortable with themselves and their bodies and this is a better outcome than lifelong hormones with irreversible effectsirreversible surgeriessterility and struggling to believe the impossible: that they are the opposite sex. which we can never happen."


    • Point 1: It's hardly an ENTIRE GENERATION & referring to those that transitioned early in life as "brain damaged, weakened eunuchs" is a bit... HARSH :lol:
    • Point 2: Is there an implication that these gender-non-conforming kids are being encouraged to identify as trans? Kids are NOT as impressionable as we make them out to be: I had girly interests as a child (Sailor Moon, the Spice Girls) but no one could've convinced me that I wasn't a boy. They couldn't convince me that I was heterosexual!
    • Point 3: Ultimately, yes, everyone should be comfortable with their bodies. But what about those that are not? Who are WE to deny what makes THEM feel comfortable? I would imagine that any parent taking their child through the process of hormone therapy understands the long term consequences (if they don't, then surely they're not utilizing Google, which is free). The same goes for any surgical procedures, which are NOT mandatory: no one is forcing anyone to undergo a double mastectomy!



    3 hours ago, Andgon144 said:

    But the trans is something else: convincing gay men of a biological impossibility-they can become women, no different from my mom and yours. 

    Convincing butch lesbians their interest in butch stuff is indicator of them really being men.


    So give them drugs and surgeries and make them “straight.” (Homophobia) this is what  Iran does to many LGB people, btw.


    Canceling people for misgendering trans people. 

    • Point 1: Again, who is doing the 'convincing?' The doctors, therapists, parents, society?
    • Point 2: I watched a documentary about that, but those folks are actually FORCED to transition or face jail time, correct?
    • Point 3: People, like JK Rowling, have a right to express their point of view & others have a right to CANCEL/ not support them for those views. That's not new :dazed:




    unfortunately, the gay movement lead to trans which is going towards pedophilia and other philias. 

    There is a small minority of MAPs (minor attracted persons) on social media trying to attach themselves to the LGBT movement, but they're usually dismissed as the outcasts they are & for good reason: ask any person that was sexualized as a child by an adult if that experience was pleasant or consensual. Let's also not forget that pedophilia was around LONG BEFORE any of us were having a discussions about sexuality or gender! That's really an entirely different subject. 

  6. Another day in AmeriKKKa :dazed:


    The officers involved are obviously despicable, but police forces ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY need an overhaul! This is the 1,000,000th example of excessive brutality when handling "certain suspects" and though it's tough to watch I think everyone should watch the video in it's entirety to see exactly what we've been talking about FOR YEARS: Black people are handled differently in the criminal justice system, from arrest to sentencing. & if anyone is still under the ILLUSION that these violent acts are isolated, please read "Breaking Rank" by Norm Stamper, former Seattle chief of police who states that many racist pigs become cops JUST to abuse their power without consequence.

  7. 2 hours ago, ULIZOS said:

    I'll say it, if you're black or Mexican or anything and you vote for Trump,  you're not black or Mexican. YOU'RE A FRAUD :lmao: 


    Yeah, I have to agree :lol:

    Joe Biden's delivery was VERY CAVALIER & ARROGANT, but everyone in my family has said the same thing: "Vote for Trump & yo ass AINT Black."

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