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  1. 8 hours ago, BrendanT1993 said:

    Reports have been swirling for the past two weeks that international superstar Madonna is set to perform at the this year.

    On Sunday, Ynet reported that the “Material Girl” singer is poised to sign a contract for more than a million dollars to appear at the 2019 Eurovision. The bill, said Ynet, will be footed by Canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams, who was responsible for bringing the Giro d’Italia international bicycle race to Israel last year. KAN, the Israeli public broadcaster which is organizing the competition, would not comment on the reports.

    “Currently, we are formulating the artistic performances for the 2019 Eurovision,” a spokeswoman for the network said. “When the time comes, we will publish the list of the artists taking part.”

    Daniel Benaim, an Israeli businessman who partnered with Adams on the , told Army Radio on Sunday that the deal with Madonna is progressing.

    “I can happily say that there is a green light from the philanthropist Sylvan Adams,” Benaim said Sunday morning. “We’re currently – together with Madonna’s people and with officials from KAN – sitting and working out the details, and everything looks good and positive, and is advancing.”

    Madonna has visited and performed in Israel several times in the past, most recently in 2012.

    Bringing a global superstar of Madonna’s stature to the Eurovision is rare but not unprecedented. performed during the interval at the finale of the 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm. At the time, Eurovision organizers said that Timberlake’s performance – by a “non-contestant global superstar,” was a historical first for the song contest.

    While Adams seems to be ready to sign the check for Madonna to perform, it might not be that straightforward.

    KAN, which is funded by the Israeli government, is the body overseeing and producing the 2019 Eurovision. Last year, KAN held a much publicized battle with the government over the funding of the competition. That standoff ended in November with an agreement for KAN to accept a NIS 70 million loan from the government to fund the contest, and to use an additional NIS 50 million from its annual budget. The 2019 KAN budget currently stands at NIS 662 million.

    The 44-page public broadcasting law, passed in 2014, sets out in great detail the network’s budget, and allows for limited externally-funded commercials. The issue of an external body or individual donating a large sum of money does not appear to be addressed in the law.

    A spokeswoman for KAN told The Jerusalem Post that the legal issue of external funding “is currently under investigation. If it becomes relevant, we will operate according to the rules.”


    I hope this million dollar deal or whatever that is includes an extended runtime for M's performance. Timberlake only got 6 minutes and I think M needs at least 10. Two oldies and one new single performed in full. 

  2. 10 hours ago, veroelectronica said:

    Eurovison  has  zero  influence in  asia over  here. Im  sure  she  will  do  more  promo.

    She'll turn the Eurovision performance into a worldwide phenomenon. Also, a lot of Asian markets basically follow what's popular in Europe (mostly the UK), so if M can get some momentum in EU, Asia will catch up. But it's not like she needs any extra push for Asia, we all love and respect her and she should have no problem selling out arenas in any Asian country. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Starman said:

    The US is responsible for half of her tour earnings.... 

    Which will obviously not be the case for the next tour. She has completely alienated the right wing of the country and it’s not like RHT was selling exceptionally well in liberal major cities either. The US market has never been so hiphop-centric before so her charting power is only going to further diminish there. 4 minutes couldn’t even reach top 10 on US radio ffs and we all know HC was an attempt to revive her US power, and it didn’t happen. 

    There’s just no point in focusing on the US anymore because we all know she still has some potential (as a current pop artist, not some veteran touring act) left in EU/SA, and even Asia/Oz. If she can deliver an amazing lead single and kill that Eurovision performance, that will definitely give M’s career a big boost in terms of current popularity. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Landon79411 said:

    Not at all! That hypothisis is quite simplistic.  Madonna is a revered artist & national treasure in the US.  There are many reasons for Madonna's lack of traction in the US with the last 2 albums... these reasons have been widley discussed on this forum.  She would never abandon the US market.  

    Since the last two albums? Sweetie your country has been paying her dust after Die Another Day. She should just do a few tour stops in major US cities and focus on EU/SA/Asia where people actually cherish her.

  5. 5 hours ago, Landon79411 said:

    @Rock Sorry for the late reply.  Just catching up on my notifications and I see you quoted me. 🙂

    My point was... Eurovision is not going to give Madonna's new album/single mass exposure in the USA should this be her first promo appearance.  A few of the previous posters were concerned we would be waiting till May for new music to coincide with the Eurovision performance... I tend to believe we will get new music release sooner...and a performance of some sort on a program more widely broadcast (at least in the USA).   

    To the other individuals quoting me... My comment was not a slight to Eurovision nor to the people on this forum who love & watch the contest (myself included!); still, Eurovision is just not a popular show in the US.  

    As @Rock correctly mantioned, in the US you can stream it online or watch it on Logo!  Some minor stations have picked it up in the past. Last few years, it has been on Logo which contains mostly LGBTQI+ programming.  The diehard Madonna fan in the US already watch Logo are going to watch the performance or stream anyway, the general population will miss this entirely. 

    The viewing figures in the US on Logo just aren't significant  https://eurovoix.com/2018/05/16/united-states-eurovision-viewing-figures-grow-on-logo-tv/   

    In Europe... It's a whole different story. The exposure from a performance on Eurovision will be a shrude and brilliant marketing move!     

    She should’ve abandoned the US market a long time ago. They don’t care about her. 

  6. She's coming for blood!!


    my prediction:


    International Lead Single: Magic

    Written/Produced by: Madonna + Mirwais

    Sound: Disco Stomper

    Visuals: Modern, Masks, Glitters, Clowns, Blonde 


    Latin Lead Single: Batuka 

    Written/Produced by: Madonna + Starrah + Billboard

    Sound: Portuguese/African sound mixed with modern urban/trap beats

    Visuals: Traditional, Exotic, Brunette




  7. 10 minutes ago, Danmacevents said:

    Even the fact she's there is a statement. THE gay icon at the gay Olympics. in Europe we have parties at homes. Bars play it. It's a huge event. She's after the gays and Europeans this year. She will SLAY. 

    I know right? It seems like they actually know what they're doing this time around, aiming to revitalize her core target audience. 

    Eurovision + Disco New Single = European market / Balding Gays

    Latin sound + Songs featuring Anitta/Maluma = Latin market / Streaming numbers


    The Madonna Renaissance is happening this year. Mark my words.  

  8. Eurovision promo = easy concert sellouts of European/Australian legs = higher budget for tour production. She might also finally get another global hit if the lead single is killer material. I can wait for these three months if they are actually working on this smart game plan (with another lead single for the latin market).


    btw, what do you expect her to perform?

    La Isla Bonita + New Single (the disco track)?

    Hung Up + New Single?

    Like A Prayer + New Single?

    Candy Shop + New Single?

  9. 1 minute ago, Marcello77 said:

    I´ve never seen this pic beefore...or maybe it´s an outtake from "Love Magazine" ?¿


    It's not a new image. Please ignore that exclusivemagic account. It's been proven fake time and time again.

    Btw, I wonder if they'd release the "latin market” single first? I don't see how they'll have time to launch two singles within a month before the album drops.


  10. I just watched JT’s Eurovision performance and it was basic AF! M should get a 8-minute slot and deliver a killer stage production. I can totally see her starting the trend of international pop stars using Eurovision to launch new era/tour, just like how she led the way with SB. Now it’s time to imagine the setlist: 

    1. Killers (disco god produced lead single)

    2. Hung Up

    3. La Isla Bonita 

    4. Like A Prayer (yes it’s tiring but it needs to happen) 


    I’m ready for the Madonna Renaissance 2019 in Europe!

  11. 2 hours ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

    He said "properly" promote it.  MDNA was rushed and she had trouble getting the tour ready, Although I think a tour in Mid October could work ok.

    The typical “promo run” of RH barely did anything for her album and tour sale. I don’t think she’s going to “waste” her time doing the same promo run again. The next era will be the European equivalent of the MDNA era and we’ll deal. 

  12. 2 hours ago, strictmachine said:

    Could she really release an album in the summer and properly promote it at the same time as preparing for a world tour that starts in the fall?! That sounds kind of impossible ...

    Feb 2012: Super Bowl + Lead Single

    April 2012: MDNA Album Release

    May 2012: MDNA Tour


    May 2019: Eurovision + Lead Single

    June 2019: Album Release + World Pride

    Sept 2019: Magic Tour


  13. Eurovision sounds like a brilliant strategy to kick off tour sale and new era. Tour will smash in Europe and she should have no problem doing big numbers in SA esp with the sound of the new album. Don’t know whether Eurovision will be popular in Oz though...hopefully she’ll come to Asia again. I just think she’ll mostly ignore the US market. 

  14. 1 hour ago, berke said:

    Take this with a pinch of salt but a Madonna fan I started talking to recently who seems to have some info regarding a change in schedule and the reasons for it. I'm not sure if there is any truth to this but wanted to share anyway since it is pretty interesting. Appearently the record was ready to be released August 2018, it was produced by her and Mirwais  but somewhere along the way it was decided (not by her from what I understood) that it didn't include any hits or any song that would appeal to the mainstream. M was really passionate about the version of the album that was going to be released in August and is sort of dissapointed. Now the album, set to be released on April, is  more of a mixed bag with no clear direction, more than a few songs were scrapped in favor of  songs added more aimed to the market.  Dissapointing info in terms of how much control Madonna has over the release of her albums, so I hope it is not true. 

    Bullshit. We've known for a a long time that she's supposed to be booking arenas for Europe in Aug/Sept 2019. There's no way she could've dropped a new album in Summer 2018. 

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