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  1. They did fix Erotica and Cherish after its initial release--my recent physical purchase confirms it--but Music, Dress You Up and Express Yourself remain as before... Also Hollywood, Miles Away, Revolver should've been replaced by Deeper and Deeper, Give it 2 Me and Power of Goodbye respectively. Would've also preferred chronological sequence but hard to complain when there are glorious, remastered versions of the original Into The Groove, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer and Cherish... the improved sound on these are worth the price of the album itself.

  2. I love my section 106 tickets! For only $100, and only a few rows from the heart--loves it! The crowd looks significantly older, straighter, boringer... Poor Michael Diamond is practically grooving on his own. Place seems to be filling up quite nicely at this point, and I'm quite sure it's a sell-out.

  3. Lori, rebel is correct--only a handful were offered and even then, they were slow-moving... I had days to make up my mind before I finally settled on one. Best to try on day of show, you may get some great deals on the many still available floor tickets...

  4. 6 tracks released early to counter the leaks was a good move; I would've chosen 6 different songs to put out though. And I would have released a series of EPs instead of an album.

    1) Rebel Heart EP--Devil Pray, UB, Illuminati, Heartbreakcity, Inside Out & Rebel Heart. Aviicii pop mix of RH released as radio single.

    2) Living For Love EP--Released in March. Living For Love, Ghosttown, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc, Body Shop, Wash All Over Me, Messiah. Living For Love released as a single after the Grammys, followed by Ghosttown.

    3) Iconic EP--Released early September. Iconic, VVV, Bitch I'm Madonna, Holy Water, Best Night, Sex. BIM as summer single, followed by Iconic.

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